Following T-ara Eunjung's official pictures from 'Five Fingers', the drama has now released their first behind-the-scene video prior to their first airing date which is expected to be on August 4th.

Check out the BTS video with Eunjung below.

After completing their series of concerts in Japan, T-ara is now back to make their Korean fans happy, although Soyeon was missing as she was filming for her drama as well as Hwayoung who is resting her injured ankle, the girls still gave an entertaining performance.

Performing their hot track titled 'Day by Day', check out T-ara's awesome performance below along with their message support for swimmer Park Taehwan for the for the 2012 London Olympics.

After wrapping up their Japanese Tour concerts, the girls of T-ara are now back in Korea!

No time to rest for the girls though as they will perform later on KBS' Music Bank, for the meantime you can check out their photos from their arrival below.


T-ara has successfully finished their Japan Tour Concerts!

And following the video reports, here are T-ara's beautiful pictures from their concert.

Also named as 'Jewelry Box', T-ara has successfully finished their Japan Concert Tour last July 26th with their final performance on Budokan, Japan.

Covering their last concert, here are the reports from the Japanese media.

T-ara Areum a Day! v11

Posted by nearnine

An Areum a Day will turn the haters into her fans! ^^

If you have watched our FMV for Areum and liked the pictures, here's where we will post them.  In our new special post which is titled "T-ara Areum a Day", a post that will feature T-ara's 8th member, Lee Areum.

Check out her batch of SelCa pictures which were taken prior to her debut as a T-ara member.

And here's our Quote of the Day:
Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.”

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