It has been a stressful day ever since the news broke out that Hwayoung has been removed and will no longer be a member of T-ara, and for those who missed it here's a quick recap for everyone.

This issue started when netizens noticed and criticized T-ara members tweets which they deemed to be intended to attack Hwayoung, it became big which lead CCM to release a statement saying that they will make a Big Announcement on July 30.

The Big Day everyone was hoping to be a good day has arrived and it was spoiled when CCM's Kim Kwangsoo announced that Hwayoung's contract has been terminated and she is no longer a member of T-ara.

Despite all the controversies and misunderstandings, CCM still announced that T-ara will continue their schedule and release 'Sexy Love' on August 15th, but they will temporarily stop their activities for the meantime.

Within the day of the announcement that shocked everyone, it has resulted to more conflicts and you can see the impact of CCM's decision to remove Hwayoung from T-ara here.

T-ara needs us now more than ever!
Keep believing and let's pray for all the girls.

Earlier today, many of us were shocked by the announcement made by Core Contents Media's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo that they have decided to terminate Hwayoung's contract and remove her from T-ara.

Many of us didn't see that coming and are still shocked, but most of the fans have the same reaction, angry, curious and disappointed.  It was a sudden news that sparked the anger of fans thinking that they CCM is hiding something, and just a few hours after the announcement here are it's results...

♦ Many fans have cancelled their ticket reservations for T-ara's upcoming Korean Concert on the 11th of August.
♦ More than 6,300 Fans have withdrawn from their unofficial Fancafe named 'Mystic' which has now turned into an anti-T-ara cafe/pro-Hwayoung cafe.
♦ Fans protesting that T-ara's Eunjung will be removed from her upcoming drama 'Five Fingers' as well as on 'We Got Married'.
♦  SBS PD Ryu Cheolmin stated "Aigoo Hwayoungah. Ah this oppa will not reach out to T-ara in the future" followed by PD Lee Sangyub who also said, "Oh~ Me too then". (The SBS PD retracted their statements afterwards saying that he forgot to consider the fact that his opinion could have been interpreted as an official stance and apologizes, while MBC's PD denied that he commented about the issue)
♦ Anti-fans sprouting here and there.

There would probably be more conflicts in the future but guess what, now that they have seen the reactions of T-ara's fans and netizens, Kim Kwangsoo stated, "If Hwayoung truly realizes her wrongs, it's possible to talk with the T-ara members and staff about her rejoining. Once again, this is if Hwayoung looks over her previous actions and self-reflects so she does not repeat the same behavior".

The problem here is that Core Contents media has not revealed the whole situation.  It's really hard to comment without knowing it all but just like everyone, I also think that CCM is really hiding something, something that we all should know to understand the real situation.

Regarding Eunjung's case, I believe it's so childish/unfair to blame it to just one person and it's just the haters who are taking the opportunity to take her out her shows through this crisis.  But there's no need to worry because the drama 'Five Fingers' won't be removing T-ara's Eunjung from its cast.

Now CCM says Hwayoung can return if she "reflects on her actions", then they shouldn't have acted like removing her from the group was the only solution in the first place.  Now that they have already made the announcement, it's still possible but it's gonna be hard.

It's really sad that it has come to this but I believe in the right time we will all know the truth.  It's so hard to speculate about something you don't fully know, all we can do now is to have faith and hope for the best for T-ara and their fans. 


Amidst all the misunderstandings and controversy, T-ara will continue to promote as a 7-member girl group.

They will continue as planned and will release their follow up single titled 'Sexy Love' on the 15th of August.

What are your thoughts about this Queen's? Check out their video, practicing 'Sexy Love' below.

After the Big Announcement, Full Press Release and Kim Kwangsoo's short interview, T-ara's company, Core Contents Media, has finally revealed one scenario on why they came up with the decision.

It has been revealed that after finishing their concert in Japan and returning to Korea, T-ara's Hwayoung suddenly left before T-ara's live stage performance for the July 27th Music Bank stating that she could not go on stage.

The representatives of the company continued to reveal that due to Hwayoung's leg injury she would do her rap part in a chair and had even completed camera rehearsal.  However, when T-ara was to be the the 3rd in line to perform, she suddenly said she wouldn't perform and acted inappropriately.

Following this, the company's staff members and T-ara members scramble to ensure there were no broadcast issues during the Music Bank performance. In a short amount of time, members Eunjung and Hyomin prepared to do Hwayoung's rap part to ensure there were no broadcast issues. Unfortunately, due to being nervous, Hyomin made a mistake after the rap part.

After refusing to go on stage, on her way home, in front of fans and reporters, Hwayoung threw her crutches and threatened to start screaming in front of everyone to her manager. Additionally, she acted beyond the control of her managers, and this was witnessed by fans and reporters on scene at Music Bank.

T-ara's CEO Kim Kwangsoo also revealed "It wasn't just the Music Bank incident," but a number of other incidents as well. However, he does not wish to reveal any further incidents to protect Hwayoung. He also found what Hwayoung said on Twitter "very unfortunate."

Note: Hwayoung's tweet earlier was "...Facts without any Truth".


I don't know about the other statements, but one thing I'm sure is that Hwayoung was really scheduled to perform on July 27th's Music Bank.  Here's her picture from their rehearsal on that day.

After the full press release which didn't really reveal the who situation, here comes Core Contents Media's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo and his short interview after announcing the termination of Hwayoung's contract.

♦ The press release is a bit vague. It seems to have actually inflated the controversy.
I can’t reveal everything. It’s the least amount of courtesy for the departing member. Please think carefully about who will be hurt if the truth is revealed.

♦ There were reports of bullying. Are the fights between the members a big reason in the departure?
No. The relationship between the members are not a big problem. In fact, once you take control of a team, small problems can erupt. The bigger problem is the hardships faced by the staff members.

♦ The problems with the staff was also in the official press release. What kind of problems existed?
I don’t want to go into detail, nor do I want to make personal attacks. But the staff were very tired after driving for the entire night and taking care of hair and makeup. There were several managers who cried, saying they wanted to quit. Although the artists are important, I believe that the sweat and tears of the staff are equally as important. I could not stand by watching this destruction of teamwork any longer.

♦ If you go into a little more detail, would that not quell the controversy?
There were so many issues, but I really do not want to shed light on any of them, so I am keeping quiet. There were many examples of yelling at the members and breaking down the teamwork. How would the T-ara members feel, who had trained for over three years? I hope this issue is not inflated any further, (Hwayoung) I hope she stays quiet.

Meanwhile, moments after the announcement, Hwayoung tweeted saying "Facts without Truth", a strong statement which I believe to be pertaining to the hidden reason behind her termination.

It's official that Hwayoung is leaving T-ara and following the first report, here's the full press release for those who want to read it.

♦ Full Press Release ♦

I believe in T-ara’s group life, if one person is good or if one person acts in a different manner, the team’s color will change and the members themselves will shake.

I will once again repeat that the bullying and discord rumors in T-ara is not true.

When T-ara first debuted, they had a lot of difficulties with many bullying rumors including ones with Eunjung, Soyeon, and Boram. However, these were cases of jealousy of young people that were small fights that did not last longer a day, and they made up quickly.

About 230 staff moved together for this concert. The ‘difference in determination’ that T-ara members talked about is not talking about the ability to stand on or off the stage.

If one of them sloppy, or careless, or only thinks about herself, the concert will have no choice but to rust. That concert would look fancy only on the outside, but would only become a concert for publicity. The members mentioned determination meaning that all stars and staff much work with determination.

The most important thing for the staff and the singers is health.

This is because the body must be healthy and in good condition to look good on stage.

Eunjung slipped on icy roads and had her ligaments torn, and Jiyeon also hurt her leg during a drama filming and had to get a cast. Also, Jiyeon crashed into the top of a light during the Osaka Concert during the Japan Tour, and her nose was cracked. The hospital requested an emergency surgery and the company representatives and concert staff was very against her standing on stage, but Jiyeon did not bend her will on wanting to stand on stage. She finished the concert, returned to Korea, obtained surgery and was hospitalized for 3 days after.

The reason why Hwayoung did not go on stage this concert after she hurt her leg was for the sake of protecting the star. She wanted to go on stage, but all staff and T-ara members dissuaded her, and Hwayoung attended only the ‘DAY BY DAY’ stage according to her wishes.

Countless staff and managers silently run behind the stars even with a low wage. Even with a low pay, they give up on sleep, are on call 24 hours, and check makeup and outfits backstage. The reason why the staff works to create a good look for the stars is because they work with the goal to create a star that can become the top.

Also, most staff, including the on-site manager, live together with about 3-7 people in small houses or dorms.

If those staff cry and are in pain because of certain celebrities, have doubts about their work and even move companies, then the T-ara that gives laughter and happiness to many people would become a T-ara that has a fake mask only in front of the masses.

T-ara lives on the popularity from the public, and believes that teamwork is more important than the individual 8-member T-ara, and so respected the opinions of 19 staff. This is a conclusion that I came to because I believe that there should no longer be staff who face hardship.

I also thought for a long time if this was the right way. I know that this is an incredible pain, but I decided this for T-ara’s future and for their continual. I convinced the T-ara members with the staff until today morning at 7 AM.

Before, I have stated that as T-ara changed from a 7 member to 9 member system, if there is a member who does not work hard or gives harm to the others, T-ara would face a member change or increase.

If T-ara thought about themselves as a star first and worked carelessly, they would become an empty group with just a name. Because of this, I believe they should always be modest, hard working people who have basic manners.

I believe that is the only way T-ara could go over Korea and become a Hallyu T-ara.

Because Hwayoung is a rapper with much potential, CCM has decided to terminate her contract without conditions, and we believe she can become a growing singer at a good place as a free singer.

I am very sorry and that everyone who loves T-ara has been worried because of many reasons, and I have nothing to say except that I am sorry that I have a disappointing and shameful announcement at T-ara’s 3rd year since debut.

Also, the CCM staff and I apologize to the T-ara members because we could not honor their opinion about finding a way to be with Hwayoung, and we cannot take our minds away from the staff who work hard everywhere.

Lastly, I am very sorry to the T-ara members, and I hope Hwayoung will become a great rapper.

♦ END ♦

Additionally you can read Kim Kwangsoo's Interview here.

Here comes the moment of truth!  It's time to end all those speculations as Core Content Media's CEO has now come out to clear things out.

On July 30th, the company held a press conference and there, Kim Kwangsoo announced that Hwayoung will be leaving the group effectively.

Kim Kwangsoo revealed, "I've gathered feedback from 19 people (including five stylists and seven make-up artists, five on-site managers and two group managers) and I came to the decision to terminate Hwayoung's career as a singer."

Kim Kwangsoo said on the background of the announcement, "T-ara as a group and their teamwork has already been tainted by the talks of a member being excluded and bullied. Because of this, what's said will be overlooked. Core Contents Media staff and I have listened to the opinions of T-ara and others since morning trying to find out the right thing to do, and many people have suffered because of this."

"Meanwhile, on behalf of T-ara I'm sorry for burdening and putting the inconvenience upon fans. T-ara debuted three years ago and I'm sorry to have to tell this to fans at this time. Finally, the T-ara members feel sad that Hwayoung, a great rapper, will leave the group."

Hwayoung joined T-ara in 2010, 20 months ago. But from now on T-ara will promote as Boram, Qri, Hyomin, Soyeon, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Areum . At the end of this year, a new member will also join them (Dani).


Shortly after the announcement Hwayoung tweeted saying..."Facts without Truth".
Probably pertaining to Kim Kwangsoo's reasons on terminating her contract.

 Hwayoung you have worked hard!
I'm sure this is not the end, we'll continue to support you!
We love you  Ryu Hwayoung~♥

Bringing us to the scene of their recent pictorial for 'WildRoses', here are T-ara's pictures featuring, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Hwayoung!

Check out their beautiful behind-the-scene photos below.

Taking during their European Trip, here are Jiyeon and Hwayoung's gorgeous pictures!

Check them out below.

Expected to start airing after the drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity' ends this August, it's T-ara Eunjung's upcoming drama titled 'Five Fingers'.

And now revealing their first batch of official pictures, here's Eunjung who will play the character of Hong Dami along with the other cast of her drama.

The first of MBC's 2012 'Idol Star Olympics' has now aired and you can now watch the show with T-ara below while the 2nd part of this special will be aired tomorrow, July 26th.

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