The issue about T-ara's alleged "bullying" case has been blown out of proportion.

It was taken advantage by T-ara's anti-fans and that's why I'm sure most of you have seen those pictures or clips made by them to make it look like T-ara members are bullies.  What's more saddening is that many really believed it and considered it was true.

There was this "news" saying that T-ara's Boram destroyed Hwayoung's umbrella during their filming for the 2012 MBC 'Idol Star Olympics'.  This one is definitely not true, as it was edited to make it look like that.

Here's the alleged "Boram destroying Hwayoung's umbrella" picture.

Here's our proof against that, and amazingly that screencap was taken from the same fancam which proves that the said "News" was really intended to make false accusations against T-ara and Boram.

This was a Fancam focused on the members of Infinite but thankfully the girls of T-ara were also captured in it and you can see them happily playing at the back.  While you can also see Jiyeon watching the games alone at the sideline at around 0:15 sec. of the video. 

(Thanks to the owner of this Fancam) 
Song I used was Jiyeon's cover of 'Wishing on a Star' from Dream High 2

As you have watched, Hwayoung's umbrella was already broken when she walked that way, T-ara's Qri and Boram just followed her there.

Here's another angle as Boram approaches Hwayoung.

The so called "Bullying" by T-ara? No one really knows if it happened or not but this is a strong proof that the issue has been blown out of proportion and those who are against T-ara have taken advantage of the situation and are just editing things out, be it a clip or picture to make it look like every little thing T-ara did in the past are acts of bullying.  In the end, those who are accusing T-ara as the bullies, are the ones who are bullying T-ara.

Not everything you have read or seen in the internet is true.  Be cautious and don't just believe whatever they throw against T-ara.

Continuing from last night's episode, MBC has now aired the last part of the 2012 MBC 'Idol Star Olympics'.

Prepare to witness more of T-ara's athletic side, check out their videos below.

The Press Conference for T-ara Soyeon's upcoming drama 'Haeundae Lovers' was held today but because of the the current issue, Soyeon was unable to attend, aside from that the producers also stated that there was really no plan to have her attend.

During the PressCon, the drama's PD, Song Hyun Wook, stated, "Soyeon is a fun person to be around on set, and she's very polite and works hard.  She's the youngest amongst her seniors and is trying trying to learn a lot from them. I hope people watch her well. I hope the recent issues going on about her group also will be solved soon".

'Haeundae Lovers' is a romantic comedy set in Haeundae, Soyeon will be portraying the role of Jo Yeo Jeong's, the best friend Lee Kwan Soon, a girl who speaks with a strong dialect.  This KBS drama will start airing on August 6th.

Now following that, Kim Kwangsoo has revealed that he and the twins, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung, had a 30 minutes conversation last night.

In an interview he revealed, "[Hwayoung, with her twin sister] Hyoyoung met with me for 30 minutes and was saying things such as '[She's really] upset and [she's] sorry". That was the first time that I met her since her contract termination was announced. She's been very distressed at how everything have gone insanely out of control. Seeing her like that was also very painful for me," CEO Kim continued to say, "For the time being, T-ara will continue their promotional activities without Hwayoung. The T-ara members, just like Hwayoung are all victims in this situation. Having everything happen like this has brought pain to the children's (T-ara and Hwayoung's) hearts. Finally, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung also said that '[They will] be waiting'".

CEO Kim Kwangsoo had a hard time calming down the situation, but now the reconcilation phase is here and attracting attention. Hwayoung met with Kim Kwangsoo at 10:30 PM KST after posting a heartfelt apology on her Twitter

Here's what Kim Kwangsoo stated in his interview.

♦ Why did the sisters, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung come to meet you?
Hwayoung came to the office late at night to give a last greeting. An hour before, Hwayoung made a post on Twitter. She came with her sister and cried throughout the 30 minutes. 'I'm sorry for giving so many complications,' she said. She sincerely regretted her behavior and everything that happened and couldn't hold back her feelings.

♦ How is Hwayoung doing?
For someone as young as her to experience an incident this big, of course she's having a difficult time. Yesterday, [when we met] instead of blaming her for bad behaviour, I gave her words of encouragement. T-ara isn't living with each other like they used to but staying with their parents now.

♦ Hwayoung and the company is currently having conflicts, [how about] Hyoyoung, she's still [with the company]?
I don't want to talk about her at the moment. The only thing that both sisters said to me was "President-nim, we will be waiting. With her sister being in this state, she's not at a position to be able to work on her own activities, anyway.

♦ How are the T-ara members?
If I say that their current state [is similar] to having a mental breakdown, it'd be pretty accurate. All T-ara members as well as Hwayoung's are all in a panic state. T-ara are very sad over the talk that they made Hwayoung an outcast. They also feel sorry for not protecting their youngest sister well. This teaches them that something small can create a very big wave such as this one. They're continually crying.

♦ [Hwayoung] being outcast is still being debated over. What is the real reason to Hwayoung's departure?
It's a pity it's still a controversy. Whatever group, social relationships always experience conflict. Bullying between members is not the reason for her withdrawal. It's because of Hwayoung's refusal to perform on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' on the 27th. Hwayoung had made a promise to fans to perform on stage no matter the situation. There were also many staff members working for her who were hurt by this. As a singer, she broke the promise she made. Such mistakes like that are a big deal.

♦ Is there a possibility that Hwayoung will be re-joining?
The only thing Hwayoung said was "I will wait." If she comes back so suddenly, it might become a little difficult. There's been a deep wound that's inflicted on both T-ara and Hwayoung. Saying this is difficult because I am feeling just as hurt [seeing all of this unfold].

♦ T-ara's promotions?
First of all, T-ara will continue their promotions without Hwayoung. The plan for now is to have them remain as a 7-member group. Dani will only be added to T-ara after December as planned initially. It is also mandatory that T-ara proceeds with their concert on August 11th, but they will take a break from variety programs. The report regarding the massive amounts of ticket refunding at the concert is also not true.

Meanwhile, CCM has also announced that T-ara's concert in Korea which was scheduled on August 11th has been postponed.

As the issue has come to this, T-ara has no choice but to cancel their upcoming concert in Korea on the 11th of August.

On August 1st, Core Contents Media made a press release saying, "T-ara members and Kim Kwangsoo talked yesterday and agreed that because of the things happening, they will be unable to show a bright, fun, cheerful and positive image in front of the fans. They asked to postpone the concert until they can show a good image to fans".

The company has decided that they will postpone the concert to the end of the year.  Refunds for ticket reservations will be announced later on Interpark.

On July 30th, it was revealed that T-ara's Eunjung has left a short but meaningful message to her Korean fansite.

The message which Eunjung wrote was, "Thank you very much.. I'm sorry".  It was a very short message that could be interpreted in many ways.  It could be that she's saying sorry to the fans that the issue about T-ara has come to this and thanking the fans for still believing and supporting them.

I know we all want to know the whole story and that Eunjung's message still didn't clear all the things, but right as of now when everyone, the members of T-ara and including the fans are still hurting, it should be more than enough for the meantime.


After apologizing to Twitter last night, it was revealed that Hwayoung went to Core Contents Media's office right after to apologize to Kim Kwangsoo.

But before that, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung bumped into a Newsen reporter on the street outside of Core Contents Media's office.

After their encounter, the reporter wrote that Hwayoung had a bright smile and greeted him, "Mr. Reporter, Hello."  When he asked where they are going, Hwayoung replied, "I just posted an apology. I'm going to say sorry to the boss now. I'm so sorry to our boss. They have treated me so well".

When Hwayoung noticed the sad expression on the reporter's face she asked, "What's wrong? I'm alright. Even if you guys don't worry about me I will be fine" and smiled.  The reporter also wrote that Hwayoung said, "I don't resent our boss (Kim Kwangsoo). I feel apologetic to him for being so good to me, but because of me, he's suffering a lot of damage. That's why now I'm going to offer an apology".

After their encounter, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung proceed to CCM's office and there she went to apologize to their CEO, Kim Kwangsoo.

Kim Kwangsoo revealed that Hwayoung apologized and said, "I don't know why it's gotten this far. I'm sorry. To the president, members of our company family.. I'm sorry to everyone".

He revealed that Hwayoung went on saying, "When I decided not to proceed to appear on 'Music Bank' that day, I made a big mistake. I failed to keep a promise I made with the people viewing and the fans".  Kwangsoo stated again, the reason Hwayoung was removed from T-ara is because of her decision to not appear on Music Bank.

CEO Kim Kwangsoo continued to say that he didn't originally plan to remove Hwayoung from the group, but it ultimately got to that point. He said, "In the future, I believe Hwayoung can be a successful artist and rapper in a different company. I hope she'll grow and be able to perform on grand stages in the future."

Additionally, on a separate phone interview with Star News this morning, Kim Kwangsoo also stated, "I was surprised that Hwayoung came to the company last night, but we have already talked. After apologizing to the other members, staff, and fans and apologizing for breaking her promise and reflecting on her actions, Hwayoung burst in tears".  He continued, "It broke my heart seeing Hwayoung cry. Seeing Hwayoung cry, I realized her heart has not had a break [from aching]".

Kim Kwangsoo also revealed, "The T-ara members also are saddened and shed tears over this incident" and continued with "The writings T-ara and Hwayoung wrote on Twitter without any meaning behind them have all caused a ripple effect. I talked frankly to all of them yesterday, and each of them shed tears".

He ended it with, "I hope the fans can give their love and keep watching T-ara and Hwayoung rather than posts on the Internet".

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Dani will join earlier to replace Hwayoung but CCM cleared it by saying that the rumor is false, T-ara will promote as a 7-member member group with Areum and be joined by Dani in December.

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