T-ara's Soyeon on the poster of 'Haeundae Lovers'

Posted by nearnine August 2, 2012

Scheduled to air their pilot episode on August 6th, T-ara Soyeon's drama titled 'Haeundae Lovers' has now revealed their poster!

Along with other cast like Kim Kang Woo, Jo Yeo Jung , Jung Suk Won, Nam GyuRi and Kang MinKyung, check out the drama's poster below.

The members of T-ara are victims of unconfirmed reports in the media, and this post made by the Korean media as well explains how the allegations which started as the speculations of the netizens were magnified and became worse through false and malicious reports.


Recently, the bullying situation began with a few tweets and reports saying Hwayoung was bullied in T-ara. Suspicions that idol groups have bullying in them have been around forever, and didn't just start yesterday. But the recent bullying accusations have exploded and attracted more attention than ever before.

A problem that lies within this is that there is so much interest in the case, that reports are being published in the press just to increase views and clicks on their website which is the wrong attitude.

To confirm the allegations that first began about bullying, netizens went and dug up various things that happened in the past. Excerpts from various different broadcasts were brought up through screen-captures and questioned, but they were not originally a problem when they first aired. The reports spread throughout the media were written without going through a verification process. Reports that were contacting representatives from the broadcasts were also hard to find.

In addition to making screen-captures of various broadcasts, rumors have been circulating about T-ara. False and malicious rumors, such as "gangs" and the like, have been circulating online because of "netizens suspicions," but like the screen-captures, they have not been verified. The "trainee" was proven to be false, and the "back-dancer" report as well, but both spread before any confirmation had been done. Some even have gone far to force evidence and say that Hwayoung left a hidden message, "fans only know," in her Twitter message but the truth is it's different depending on where you look at the image.

Websites profits through clicks on ads on their website, and these reckless and unprofessional reports being spread attract attention and revenue for whoever reports it.

The bullying allegations first started on July 28th through Twitter messages and continued until the 2nd. T-ara related searches dominated every popular search ranking on various portal sites. The Olympics began, but T-ara's scandal has attracted more attention and higher interest. The topic located at the center is that journalists recklessly report things posted online without getting confirmation just for a few more clicks on their website.

Hwayoung recently posted on Twitter, "Please stop now and look forward to when I'll return with a new more mature and sophisticated image". The situation is at a point where it's finally calmed down.


T-ara's plan to have their Japan Arena Tour next year has been announced!

T-ara's Japanese agency EMI JAPAN and J-ROCK stated, "All artists dream of being able to have arena tours. T-ara is planning to have an arena tour in Japan next year".  The company also said that T-ara want to reach over 150,000 Japanese fans in the arena tour which will begin next year.

The company continued with, "T-ara has received an explosive reaction with Japanese fans. We're begining the early preparations for the arena tour right now".

T-ara recently finished their Japanese tour where they performed in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo and their finale at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo on which were both sold out despite it being held on a weekday.

Core Contents Media also commented, "We hope that the public can welcome back T-ara a little bit by a little bit. They will return with good music and a more mature image after having time to self-reflect and they will continue to try harder and harder".

Meanwhile, T-ara also plans to release the Japanese version of their new song titled "Sexy Love" by the end of October.

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