After leaving T-ara, many have speculated that Hwayoung and Hyoyoung would be joining another company. Well, it's just another rumor.

The company being pointed out is 'Maru Planning', which is Supernova's agency and who's CEO is Lee Jaehyok, who previously served as an executive in Core Contents Media

After hearing the reports and rumors, a representative stated, "It's true Hwayoung and Hyoyoung visited our office, but rumors of signing a contract are not true"  they continued with "The CEO of Maru Planning and Hwayoung and Hyoyoung's father have a close relationship. With the recent events that happened, he wanted to meet with them to be a supportive figure to them". 

In related news, a friend of Hwayoung and Hyoyoung had an interview with Star News and there she said, "Hwayoung is tired from all the recent controversy and wants to calm down and straighten her mind. She's preparing to take on new opportunities" she continued with "Hwayoung needs time to find a new agency and has no idea yet. She wants to relax before concentrating [on that]".

 Their friend also revealed, "Online speculation has upset her a lot. After leaving, she has the opportunity and wants to began studying music more with lessons".  It was also stated that after being removed from T-ara and Core Contents Media, Hwayoung actually received various love calls from different agencies, but she'll take the time to calm her mind down first.

On August 3rd, T-ara's company, Core Contents Media announced, "Unconfirmed Internet postings lead to articles being posted without filtering the content (verifying) and we have filed seven criminal charges against the media".

The representative stated, "The Media published stories including imposter accounts by a two-year trainee, T-ara's back-up dancer, CEO Kim Kwangsoo, Hwayoung and so on. They also published stories related to the bullying issue taken from Internet websites with text and images that were not confirmed before being posted, thus fueling the fire".

The representative went on and said "We are not suing the first publishers of the Internet postings, but the media who published these as fact without properly verifying it. When media plans it, it makes a big wave through the social network and is seen by everyone then. We have hired two lawyers to begin criminal complaints on the 6th" and then ended it by saying that in the future all media websites should verify things as fact before posting.

Amidst the allegations and controversy, netizens in Korea have formed a fancafe named 'T-Jinyo' which means 'We Want the Truth from T-ara'.

Recently, it was reported that the said group would be having their protest on August 4 in front of CCM's building with an estimated of 100 people attending but they announced later that it was cancelled as they revealed that the police restricted their limit to 30 people, reason is that the company's building is near a residential area.

Now, on the 3rd of August, CCM's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo stated, "I'm proposing to meet with three representatives from T-Jinyo. All their questions and curiosities can be cleared without a doubt if they meet with me. I'll also listen to what they have to say" he continued with, "If they want to, three people can post a notice today (3rd) by 5:00 PM KST on the T-Jinyo cafe". 

Kim Kwangsoo ended it with a strong statement saying, "I'll confirm with them and I'll say it again, there is absolutely no bullying".

On the same day, the representative of T-Jinyo expressed, "After speaking with the organizer of this meeting, we’ve decided that we will not meet with CCM. We feel that it would be faster to get the truth from the T-ara members themselves rather than Kim Kwang Soo". 

They also added, "If the representatives of T-Jinyo and Kim Kwang Soo were to meet, it would be an [open and clear] meeting. T-Jinyo is not a simple anti-fan cafe, so we will not be appearing as a whole. Please send any questions concerning the protest to ‘Sajungyeon’ (social union) rather than to T-Jinyo as they are a cafe for public indignation, while Sajungyeon is a cafe for people who would like to take action".  Meanwhile, there were also reports that they were not permitted by their parents to do the protest, which implies the organizers of T-Jinyo are underage.

Jo Harang a former member of "Jewelry", a group that also had to face a bullying controversy in the past, with her being the "witch-hunted member" has expressed her thoughts about T-ara's current situation.

Jo Harang expressed, "You're here, but you're invisible. One day feels like a year, breathing is easy but you feel uneasy. The entertainment industry has the same environment as schools, companies, societies, institutes...This witch-hunting must stop for sure!".

The next day she also continued with, "Starting from a young age, children start to acknowledge that you need to work hard in life [to get what you want], and you focus on this so much that you don't put any of your time into building a "relationship" and lack social skills. Lacking the experience of having a social life and troubles to maintain a relationship doesn't fade away when you suddenly elevate yourself into a high position (celebrey/famous)".

She followed it by exposing her uncomfortable heart and said, "The problem is brought by the public with a witch-hunt, even if it's not true [the rumor of bullying]. It was hard for me, back then, to have to read such articles [about me]. It is important [for T-ara] to overcome this and to live in the present".

Upon reading, the reactions of the netizens were "Jo Harang seems to have troubles in her heart", "it seems that even idols are now refocusing themselves on the truth" and "We need to brush off [this rumor] now".

If you have watched T-ara Eunjung's episodes on 'We Got Married', I'm sure you have watched the episodes where JaeMin, Eunjung's close friend, has appeared.

Now in the middle of the controversy and allegations being thrown against T-ara, he has come out to express his feelings and support for Eunjung as he tweeted, "Today I rested for the whole day, secretly browsing the internet and I found EunJung's news, it's really sad. She is a very kind hearted child actually…FIGHTING-ah dongsaeng!!!!!!….."

Ahn JaeMin continued with, "The Eunjung I know is pure and simple, lonelier than anyone else, and with a personality unlike a celebrity. After returning from Japan, even without sleep, she will still keep her promise to watch her classmates' performance until the very last scene. She is a friend like that. A friend who thinks that it is only natural to take care of the people around her. Her personality has been like that for the 10 years I've known her. She rarely talks about T-ara's things, and how this incident happened, I'm shocked too. Although I've looked it up, even like that, this whole time I've always seen her as family, so I feel very sad and heartbroken. You seems to be very tired and burdened now, please stay strong. I pray that as time goes by, everything will be fine. I love you, little sister".

 (From Left to Right) Jaemin, Eunjung and Jangwoo


Truth to be told, many are hesitant or scared to speak up and stand for T-ara but thanks to Eunjung's friend, Jaemin, who recently expressed his thoughts and support for Eunjung.  The outcome of his actions?  Now he has been criticized and accused for taking sides with Eunjung, and saying that he had been rash to express his support to Eunjung at time like this and had no choice but to explain himself and even apologize.

Ahn JaeMin expressed, "I first got to know Eun Jung when I was 17 or 18 years old, when the two of us were working as extras. She then became my junior in college, and I think fondly of her because we were together during the hard times in our lives.  I wasn’t trying to take sides with Eun Jung; I was expressing my sorrow at the incident" he added "I left the post to mean that both sides will be very sad. I’m sorry it became a text that supports one side in the issue".

JaeMin finished it with, “I'm an actor that’s practically unknown. I was so surprised that a post I left about my personal emotions made it into newspaper headlines. I believe I should've tried to find other ways of contacting Eunjung even though I couldn't reach her. I want to apologize for being so rash".
What's wrong about showing your support to a friend?  If it's a post or rumor written against T-ara, netizens will accept it wholeheartedly even without proper or solid proof but if it's a post supporting T-ara they will act like this?

Just because many are throwing stones against T-ara do they want everyone to do just that? Some netizens are really unreasonable.

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