Following Jiyeon and Hwayoung, here comes more of their pictures from their past European trip.  This time it's Jiyeon with Soyeon and Boram!

Check out their beautiful pictures below.

On the 4th of August, a handwritten apology letter by CCM's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo has been revealed to the public.

Here are the contents of the said letter:


"This is Core Contents Media’s Kim Kwang Soo.

I bow my head and formally apologize for the misunderstandings that stemmed from the termination of T-ara’s Hwa Young’s contract and for my doubtful explanation which led to even rumors about outcasts. I would like to express my apology to Hwa Young and the T-ara members, and both side’s parents for the hurt they received from this incident.

I consider all the Tijinyo and Sajungyeon members to be individuals who love T-ara. I would like to thank the many who held interest and concern and I will meet whenever needed with the Tijinyo and Sajungyeon representatives.

Whichever agency Hwa Young goes to, or wherever she continues her study of music. I will support her in becoming an amazing rapper and singer. I ask for your continued support and interest in Hwa Young and her music path.

I will strive to become a careful and thoughtful individual before the public. I apologize once more for misunderstandings and concern that has been given to society till now. Lastly, I would like to apologize to the members of the press and media outlets".

Aside from that, CCM also revealed that on the 3rd of August Kim Kwangsoo has talked with the representative of Sajungyeon (Social Union), and talked about the misunderstandings about the two.

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