Shortly following their official posters, the trailer for T-ara Hyomin's drama has now been revealed as well!

Scheduled to air its first episode on August 17th, check out the first trailer for 'The Thousandth Man' where Hyomin will play the role of a Gumiho, as the younger sister of Kang Yewon.

Scheduled to air its first episode on the 17th of August, T-ara Hyomin's drama titled 'The Thousandth Man' has now revealed their posters!

Check out the dramas hot posters below~

*Without Hyomin

Meanwhile, Hyomin is expected to attend the drama's PressCon tomorrow, August 14th.

On the 13th of August, it was reported that T-ara's Soyeon was taken to the hospital after getting involved in a car accident.

At 7:00AM, with her manager who is driving the vehicle, Soyeon was on her way to Busan to film her drama 'Haeundae Lovers'.  The road was slippery because of the rain which caused the car to slid while braking and in the manger's attempt to avoid colliding with the vehicle in front, they hit the guardrail and flipped over.
Involved in the accident were Soyeon, her manager, stylist and two other people, all of them were taken to a nearby hospital emergency room to get proper x-ray and cat scans.

An official from CCM stated, "Because of a sudden storm, it became slippery. The managers are rushing to get down to the location currently. The vehicle overturned and the accident turned out to be a very big one. The paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident immediately and transferred everyone to the emergency room" he continued with, "Thankfully, Soyeon has no big injuries but the traffic was being held up and the schedule for the drama filming had to be postponed for her to received a proper check-up at the hospital".

Meanwhile, a hospital official revealed, "Soyeon strained her neck (the ligaments and muscles in the neck were stretched or possibly torn) and after receiving emergency treatment, she went back to Seoul since her schedule was canceled".


Core Contents Media also revealed, "Soyeon was taken from the hospital in Gumi to the hospital in Seoul for emergency medical treatment. More prescire tests will be finished in Seoul and they'll check the status of her body".  They continued with, "She has pain in her neck, shoulders, back and side".

Get Well Soon Soyeon!
As well as the other four who were involved in the accident.

Before the breaking news earlier that T-ara's Soyeon was involved in a car accident, it was also reported that T-ara is expected to release 'Sexy Love' by the end of August.

According to multiple sources, T-ara will return sooner than expected, they will return with "Sexy Love" at the end of the month.  An insider revealed, "Core Contents Media doesn't want to reveal the distribution information and are trying to work out an agreement with Loen Entertainment." Another insider said, "It seems like T-ara will stay solid on releasing a new song this month. I heard that recently they're working on the music video".

Meanwhile another official stated, "CEO Kim Kwangsoo made the situation go by quickly in front of our eyes as the Olympics were going on.  If they release a new song, it'll be tough for T-ara to get back to where they were".
If Soyeon needs rest to recover, I know we can all wait for T-ara's comeback.  T-ara's safety and health comes first, right?

Get Well Soon Soyeon! Keep Safe T-ara!


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