After viewing their posters, it's now time to watch the behind-the-scenes of Hyomin's shoot for the poster of 'The Thousandth Man'.

Check out her short yet sweet clip below~

Meanwhile, 'The Thousandth Man' will have 8 episodes and it will air every Friday starting on July 17th.

Contrary to the reports yesterday that T-ara's Soyeon will resume filming for 'Haeundae Lovers', it has now been reported that she wasn't able to continue as planned.

A representative from Core Contents Media relayed to Star News, "Originally, Soyeon was thinking about returning to the 'Haeundae Lovers' drama shoot yesterday (15th) but because her health is in a state that hasn't completely recovered, it was eventually decided she would not participate in the filming".  They also continued, "Soyeon is still in the hospital and will make a return when her health recovers. When she returns will be decided on how fast she recovers".

Meanwhile, Soyeon is expected to appear on their next filming schedule which is on the 20th and 21st but just like what the representative stated, it will depend on how fast Soyeon recovers.

Get Well Soon Soyeon!

Just like T-ara's Hyomin on the PressCon of 'The Thousandth Man'Eunjung also did not want to talk about T-ara's current situation in the PressCon which was intended for 'Five Fingers'.

Before the interview an official from the drama has already told the reporters "Eunjung will not answer any questions related to the 'T-ara situation'".  But during the interview, one reporter tried to ask her indirectly about the issue by saying, "During the difficult situation, there is a lot of thoughts going on. How do you currently feel?".

To that question, Eunjung answered, "I'm unconditionally committed to giving my best to my work. In the given situation, I'll do my best not to cause damage for my seniors. I'll work even harder now".

After that, an official from the drama repeated, "The cast is happy to answer questions, but they cannot answer any personal questions. Please only ask questions related to the drama".

Upon answering other questions, Eunjung stated, "A lot of the members are in dramas now, and we monitor each other. They're happy that I'm able to be in a big drama production and are anticipating it. The other members give me their constructive criticism and support".

Eunjung continued with,"I had to practice piano for the filming and cooking inside a restaurant. I'm honored to work with these seniors and I'll do my best at this.  This is the first time I have a role where two men love me. Previously, I had a one-sided love or unrequited love where it was not mutual".

Meanwhile, this drama will air every Saturday and Sunday and it will start airing on the 18th.

Following Hyomin, T-ara's Eunjung has also come out for the PressCon of her upcoming drama titled 'Five Fingers'.

This weekly drama will air every Saturday and Sunday and it will start airing on the 18th.  From this event here are Eunjung's video and pictures.

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