Recorded during their 'Lovey Dovey' promotions, here are girls of T-ara who are extending their greetings for the 1st Anniversary of Billboard Korea's K-POP Hot 100.

Check out T-ara's clip below.

It's scary how this world has become, it all started when netizens speculated about the bullying issue within T-ara and then everything worse followed.  Many believed what was not proven, and most of them are persecuting T-ara because of that, as if the antis are saying they are perfect and never have committed any sins while T-ara have.  It's their hypocrisy claiming that T-ara are bullies while in fact they are the ones who are bullying T-ara.

What's worst is that Broadcasting companies are giving in to these antis and when we thought that everything will soon come to an end, here comes another one.  It was revealed that Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo for the sitcom titled 'Shut Up Family' which was recorded before all of this happened has been edited out from the show that is scheduled to air tomorrow.  The reason stated by the representative of the drama was because many viewers have repeatedly requested that their portions be cut out.  What were those viewers thinking?

As for those asking about T-ara's expected comeback which is on August 29th, normally pictures, teasers, preorder links have been out by now but since there is still none I'm assuming that it was postponed again.  Will update with official announcement when there is one.

Their series might have ended, but all the joy and laughter that they have brought us will stay in our hearts forever.

It's Eunjung and Jangwoo's final episode on 'We Got Married'...

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