After staying silent for over a month, Hwayoung has finally come out to express her thoughts about T-ara's situation.

In her latest tweets, Hwayoung stated, "After reading the news on Eun Jung unnie’s departure from her drama, my heart has not been at ease. Though there was a conflict stemming from a difference in opinions among the T-ara members, my heart is pained to see accusations of ostracizing swirling and the situation seemingly worsen. I have also been hurt and distressed to see the truth about each other being distorted" followed by "However, as there were also many happy days we shared together being under the same label, I want to forget all the past things and now encourage and support each other with a smiling face once more. Many of you have loved T-ara, cherished it and come to it and I am sorry this incident has caused so much concern and anxiety to everyone".

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