It can't get any more official than this!  Following the news earlier that T-ara will release their 7th mni-album named 'Mirage' on September 3rd, here comes their teaser from M!Countdown.

Scheduled on September 6th, check out T-ara's teaser for their 'Sexy Love' comeback.

After today's postponement comes the good news!

CCM has finally announced the exact date to the release of T-ara's mini-album named 'Mirage'.  It will be released on September 3rd and 'Sexy Love' will be its title track.

Core Contents Media stated , "T-ara has been silent for one month since the misunderstanding between the members happened and have reflected on their actions that lead to the controversy they created. They want to express their sincerest apologies" followed by, "It was a misunderstanding between Hwayoung and the other members, and they have reconciled and apologized to each other".

Core Contents Media also said, "The misunderstanding and conflict that happened in front of so many people, T-ara bow their heads and are incredibly sorry and said they'll work hard to avoid and better deal with these issues".

Meanwhile T-ara will be busy beginning on September 15th until November with overseas concert schedules in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

 Also, it was revealed that it was T-ara's Qri who wrote the handwritten letter, in behalf of all the other members.

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