After being reported to have crashed earlier due to heavy traffic, T-ara's website for 'Sexy Love' is now up!

You can now visit to check it out or scroll down to check out their hot pictures from the site.

On September 3rd, T-ara released four music videos for their comeback which then resulted to them taking over the top 10 spot of GomTV's Music Video chart.

Aside from that, T-ara also opened a website for 'Sexy Love' ( but it has crashed as it wasn't able to handle the love from all the Queen's.

It has been revealed that the website with the music video was originally made for 7,000 people to access at a time, but 30,000 simultaneous connections were requested at the same time which made the server go down. Currently, T-ara's agency is looking for a replacement (server) where more than 30,000 people can access it at a time.

Additionally, it was revealed that overall, T-ara's music videos which was released last September 3rd has accumulated more than 2,000,000 views through sites like Youtube and GomTV.

UPDATE: Site is now up and you can check out their pictures here.

From T-ara's Dance MV for 'Sexy Love' here are their ScreenCaps!

Check them out below.

Stronger than ever, T-ara is back!

Last night, T-ara treated us with their newest music videos and guess what happened after that? They've gotten a very positive reaction from the fans!

T-ara only released four MVs, three for 'Sexy Love' and one for 'Day and Night' but they have managed to occupy all the ten spots on GomTV's music video charts, that's through their old music videos which the fans watched after watching their new music videos.

Check out the screenshot below.


After the release of T-ara's MV teaser for 'Sexy Love', many asked about the drama version.  Back then we were sure that there would be two versions, a dance version and a drama version but it turned out that T-ara had a better plan for us.

Instead of two music videos, they have released four music videos! Three for 'Sexy Love' which includes the continuation of their 'Day by Day' MV, the Dance Version and a making-of version. The fourth one is their MV for their ballad song 'Day and Night' which you can watch here.

Check them out below.

Sexy Love MV (Drama Version) [Watch the first part here Day by Day MV]

Sexy Love MV (Dance Version)

Sexy Love MV (Making-of Version)


Still can't get enough of T-ara after watching their three music videos for 'Sexy Love'?

Don't worry because here comes their MV for the ballad song titled 'Day and Night' which features T-ara's Areum with Gunji of Gavy NJ and Shannon.

Following their video teaser, here comes more teaser pictures from T-ara's upcoming 7th mini-album named 'Mirage'.

Meanwhile the full mini-album will still be released on the 3rd of September. While waiting, enjoy T-ara's newest batch of teasers below.


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