Today, T-ara's App was released for Android, it is packed with their pictures, videos as well as 3D feature which allows you to see T-ara in 3D, through a 360 degree view that is.

Thought I should share a sneak peek for the 3D Feature and so here's a short video for everyone. ^^

*You can press the button to make them turn or you can also scroll manually

This application is currently available for Android only and you can find more video and info here.

T-ara will finally be releasing their photos from their Europe trip through their 'Europe Special Pictorial Album'.

It has been announced that the said photo book will be released on the 25th of September.  It contains 200 pages and will only have 7,000 copies for each part. (Part 1 is Italy, Part 2 is Paris & Swiss)

Back in April, T-ara spent eight nights and nine days in Europe and that's where they shoot the pictures in this photo book.  It will include their phoots from their trip to Paris, Italy and Switzerland as well as from their several hit songs.

While waiting for the Preorder Link, check out some of T-ara's pictures below.

It's not yet over QUEEN's. T-ara is back with another treat!

Following their four music videos for 'Sexy Love', T-ara has now released another version.  It's their 'Sexy Love in Tokyo' MV!

Featuring the scenes from Japan and their Tour as well as some of their fans dancing to their robot dance, check out T-ara's newest MV below.

Android users got it first this time around, its T-ara's official 'T-ARA' app which is packed with their videos, pictures and promises to give access to the latest updates on everything about T-ara.

Before anything else, you can check out T-ara's Making Film and Hyomin's promotional video below.

As announced a month ago, T-ara's 'Jewelry Box' concert in Budokan has now been aired by TBS!

Watch T-ara's performances from the concert below.

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