Following the news last night that T-ara will release their  Europe Special Pictorial Album on the 25th of September, the girls have now revealed more teaser pictures.

Preorder links are not yet available, but for the meantime you can check out their lovely teaser photos from their photo book which will have 2 parts, Part 1 is Italy and Part 2 is Paris & Swiss.

It might have been delayed by a week but they are here now.

Its T-ara and their 'Sexy Love' comeback stage on this week's Music Bank.  Watch their hot stage below.

T-ara is finally releasing their 7th mini-album and what could be the best way to express our support than buying their album and show them that we, their fans, are still here for them.

Check out the Preorder links to T-ara's 7th mini-album 'MIRAGE', a repackaged album which includes the songs from their 'Day by Day' mini-album.

T-ara 7th Mini-Album Mirage + Poster in Tube
Preorder Here ~> $22.99

T-ara 7th Mini-Album Mirage
Preorder Here ~> $12.99

01. Sexy Love
02. 낮과밤[Love All] (Day and Night)
03. Day by Day
04. Holiday
05. 떠나지마 (Don't Leave)
06. Hue
07. 사랑놀이 (Love Game)

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