With just two days to go before Hong Kong Queen's get to see T-ara, it has been revealed that T-ara has politely declined the offer to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong.

The officials from this showcase have said that T-ara will receive the best VVIP service while they are in Hong Kong, including using one car per member, which would be Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royces and Ferraris.

But T-ara's agency stated on behalf of T-ara, "We really appreciate receiving the best treatment, but we persist going with the staff via buses instead of luxury cars".

T-ara's showcase in Hong Kong will be held on the 18th of September at the Star Hall, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Center.  They will be leaving Korea on September 17th.

T-ara will perform a total of seven of their previous hits, 'Bo Peep Bo Peep', 'Roly-Poly', 'Lovey-Dovey', 'DAY BY DAY', 'Wae Ireoni', 'I Go Crazy Because of You' and their new song 'Sexy Love'.

The group will also receive the best "$700,000" (USD) treatment while in Hong Kong and will take time to promote themselves and appear on TV in Hong Kong as well as do interviews.

Taken from Music Core's waiting room a week ago, here are T-ara's Boram and Soyeon with the members of D-UNIT.

Check out their beautiful group picture below.

Nope, you are not having a double vision, that's Boram's sister named Wooram on the left. ^^

Wrapping up this beautiful week, here is T-ara's performance from SBS' 'Inkigayo'.

Wearing their colorful outfits, check out their 'Sexy Love' performance after the cut.

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