Showing their appreciation, gratitude and respect to their Hong Kong fans who attended their showcase.  The members of T-ara gave their fans a 90-degree bow before the event ended.

Check out T-ara's photos from the event below.

Back with another hot stage, here are the girls of T-ara who placed 2nd on this week's M!Countdown.

Check out their 'Sexy Love' performance below.

After the success of T-ara's showcase in Hong Kong which was held last September 18th, officials from Hong Kong have suggested that T-ara have a large-scale concert with 15,000 seats next time.

T-ara met 3,000 Hong Kong fans through their sold out showcase but it was also reported that over 500 fans who did not managed to get tickets showed up outside the venue and singed and danced along during the showcase.  An official stated, "There was a bigger reaction than expected. There are requests coming in and we're currently talking about having a solo concert for them next year on an outdoor stage".

Along with that, T-ara's big plans for next year has been announced as well, an official stated, "Compared to other idol groups, T-ara has a lot of diversity in their music which is a big advantage for them because it helped develop a large fanbase for them in Southeast Asia. Their likelihood of success in Asia is good and there are plans to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines next year but starting with promotions in Japan. We want to aim for an Asian version of a World tour".

Meanwhile, T-ara has returned to Korea on the 19th and they will continue promoting 'Sexy Love' on various Music shows this week.

On the 19th, after successfully finishing their showcase in Hong Kong, the girls of T-ara have arrived back in Korea.

The QUEENS are back, check out their pictures from Incheon International Airport.

After settling for their fancams a week ago, KBS has now aired the KPop Nature Concert in Jeju!

That means everyone can now watch the official recording of their 'Sexy Love' stage, check it out.

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