Check out T-ara's pictures as they head to Japan!

Posted by nearnine September 23, 2012

Leaving Korea to attend to their schedules in Japan, here are the girls of T-ara who left earlier.

Check out their pictures from the airport after the cut.

It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's T-ara's Jiyeon and her fun dance time!

If you have watched T-ara's fancams from their Hong Kong showcase, I'm sure you have already seen this but for those who haven't, here's something you shouldn't miss.

It's Jiyeon's adorable dance time or should we say 'Jiyeon Style'.  I forgot the name of this dance step but its fun to watch specially when done by her.  She also dance a bit of 'Gangnam Style' but still went back to the said dance. ^^

Witness Jiyeon's cuteness and charm in action by watching this next clip. That's along with an adorable fan service at the end.

Wrapping up this beautiful week, T-ara is back with another 'Sexy Love' performance!

Wearing the same outfits from their Hong Kong Showcase, check out their hot stage below.

M!Countdown has opened their online voting for their international fans and with T-ara's 'Sexy Love' comeback it's now our time to show our support by voting for them.

You can register through email or you can also use your Twitter or Facebook account.

After registering you can only vote once a day and you can only vote every Friday 11AM KST to Monday 9AM KST. (So if you will use your Email, Twitter and Facebook, you can vote three times a day)

For more details please check the picture below..

Note: After logging in search for T-ara, put a mark on the option button, scroll down and click "VOTING".

T-ara's 'Sexy Love' is #39 on the list.

As of September 23 at 7:45 PM KST, T-ara is on the 4th spot with 6.1% of the total votes. 

Released a few weeks ago was T-ara's Official App for Android

After watching the sneak peek to its 3D feature, were you enticed to buy but sadly can't afford it?  Don't worry because the makers of this App are generous enough that they will be releasing a separate App which will let you experience the 3D feature alone for FREE!

For a starter, they have already released Areum's Free Application.  Just go to your Play Store and search for 'T-ara Official 3D'.  Meanwhile, the Application for the other members will be released at a later time so stay tuned for that.

T-ara's App is currently available only for Android OS.
The Free Application for the other members will be released at a later time so stay tuned for that.

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