In behalf of T-ara's Eunjung who was wrongfully removed in the drama 'Five Fingers' a month ago, Core Contents Media has filed a 140 million Won (Approx. $125,100 USD) lawsuit against producers of the said drama for breach of contract.

Back then, T-ara's Eunjung was all set to film for the drama but it was suddenly announced, without her consent, that she has been removed from the drama a day before they start their first filming.

T-ara is back with another great performance on this week's M!Countdown.

Wearing their black and white outfits, check out their 'Sexy Love' stage below.

Following the other members, T-ara' Qri's Free App has now been made available on the Play Store!

Go to your 'Play Store' now or to this link to download the Free App, or download the full version which costs around 9$.  Stay tuned for Hyomin and Jiyeon's versions, which will be released in the coming days.

Just to clear things out, these remixes are not official but one thing I'm sure of is that DJ Ttuea loves remixing T-ara's songs.

His remixes so far includes T-ara's 'Sexy Love', 'Day by Day', 'Lovey Dovey', 'YaYaYa' and 'Roly Poly' which you can check out below. Kudos to this guy!

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