Everyone loves Fridays and Music Bank with the girls of T-ara just makes it a lot more special!

The girls are ending their 'Sexy Love' promotions this week and they are back with another hot performance, check out T-ara's goodbye stage below.

Preparing for the comeback of their respective groups,  here are T-ara's Dani and 5Dolls' Nayeon.

The two who became really close since they both lived abroad for a long time will be making their debut in early 2013 where their groups will be making a comeback.  Currently they are both taking both rap and dance lessons together.

Basically its their debut in their own groups but it can also be considered as their comeback as Dani already debuted through T-ara's 'Day by Day' MV while, Nayeon (Hanna) was featured on Yangpa's 'Love is all the same'.
Dani stated, "I'm practicing hard for when I stand on stage with the T-ara unnies" while Nayeon expressed, "I hope there can be continued attention towards 5dolls until when we greet fans soon".

Check out their photo below which was posted here last June along with Areum's photo.

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