It was another successful event wherein T-ara was part of and you can now watch their fancams from this event below as they perform 'Sexy Love' and 'Lovey Dovey'.

Released earlier this year, T-ara's first Japanese Album named 'Jewelry Box' has been awarded the Gold Award after selling more than 100,000 copies.

T-ara is currently in Japan as they attended the K-Pop Collection in Okinawa leaving Dani in Seoul, she's not alone though as T-ara passed the trophy to their new maknae.

Dani who is still preparing for her debut  next year stated, "Receiving the valuable gift and trophy from my unnies made me glad. I'd like to present a wonderful stage with my T-ara unnies in 2013".

Meanwhile, T-ara will return to Korea on the 21st of October.  Their 'Sexy Love' Japanese single will be released in Japan on November 14th and they will start their promotions in Japan beginning on the 10th till the end of November.

Congratulations to T-ARA 
and to all the QUEEN's who bought the album

Taken during their stay in Hong Kong for their showcase, here are the lovely girls of T-ara and their group photo from their interview.

Check out their beautiful picture below.

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