Along with the release of T-ara's 'Sexy Love' Japanese single which is just a few days away, they will also be releasing some adorable goodies in Japan.

And now posing with their Key-chains which screams "I know you want me", check out T-ara Eunjung and Qri's cute photos below.

Of course it wouldn't be complete without the other members, but while waiting for their photos which will come in the next few days, you can check out their other goodies below first.

Following T-ara's Qri, its now Dani's turn to snap a cute photo with Brownie!

Meanwhile, as announced a few days ago, Dani will be appearing in the upcoming KBS' drama titled 'School 2013', the cast have started their filming now and and prior to their pilot episode on the 3rd of December, T-ara's Dani revealed that it was her first time wearing a school uniform when she started filming.

CCM stated, "Dani was 14 years old and in elementary school in the United States, she was on a vacation in Korea when she was cast. Since she's been here in Korea, the first time she's able to wear a school uniform is through the drama shooting".

While Dani also added, "It's amazing to wear a school uniform for the first time and shoot with my unnies and oppas. It's fun and feels like I'm really in school when we film".

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