Meet the Seven Sleeping Beauties of T-ara!

Posted by nearnine November 13, 2012

Last November 9th, T-ara departed for Japan to start their promotions for 'Sexy Love' which includes Japanese broadcast and media interviews as well as 12 mini-live events in various Japanese regions like Tokyo, Sendai, Fukuoka and Nagoya. After that, T-ara will be heading back to Korea on the 19th.

Now returning to the topic, back then we have seen their photos from their departure but of course not their photos inside the plane.  Well, not anymore because their pictures from the plane have now been revealed as taken by their manager!

With their busy schedules, its a given that they will take every opportunity to get a quick rest and so here are the Seven Sleeping Beauties of T-ara. Check out their photos below where leader Soyeon was also seen checking out their schedules while the others are sleeping.

If you missed the news last week, T-ara's Dani has been cast on KBS' upcoming drama titled 'School 2013' which will air its first episode on December 3rd.

Along with her is 5Doll's Hyoyoung and following their earlier pictures, here are some more of their cute photos wearing their school uniforms.

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