T-ara's Official Android App got a huge update!

Posted by nearnine November 21, 2012

T-ara's Official Android App is alive again with today's huge update!

The application has been updated with new features like "From T-ara" where the girls can post their updates as well as the tab named "To T-ara" where the fans can send their messages.

Aside from that, the creators of the App has also partnered with Yahoo Korea which now enables the App to point the users to K-Pop articles from Yahoo.  T-ara's News which is from the Korean press is still there and also they have added the links to CCM's SNS accounts.

This App was released last September and if you missed it, you can read our post here or also you can go here to buy it from Android's Play Store.

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Aside from their adorable BTS videos, T-ara's Android App was also updated with T-ara's cute SelCa pictures.

That's from the App's new tab named "From T-ara" and while I prepare the next post about the App's update, you can now check out Jiyeon, Eunjung and Qri's cute photos below which was taken during one of their pictorials.

T-ara's Official Android App has just been updated and aside from that, they are also back to show us the behind-the-scenes from their recent shoot.

Full of T-ara's cuteness and charm, check out their BTS video below.

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