T-ara's Qri and her gorgeous SelCa Pictures

Posted by nearnine December 18, 2012

Whatever the angle is, a beauty will always be beautiful!

T-ara's Qri is not an exception and below is where you can see her gorgeous SelCa pictures.

T-ara has made a another good decision by politely declining the big offer to advertise an alcohol brand.

Aside from Areum and Dani, the rest of the members of T-ara are of legal age but aside from that, T-ara also considered the fact that idol groups have the second most amount of influence on today's youth that's why they wanted to make sure they keep their image as an appropriate girl group specially for their young fans.

T-ara expressed, "We want youth to mimic our dances, fashion styles and enjoy us for that instead of encouraging the youth drinking culture.  Because of this, we thought it would be inappropriate to advertise publicly for an alcohol brand"  they also continued with, "In the future, we hope there will be less advertisement appearing to youth encouraging them to drink".

That's T-ARA for everyone!

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