With just a few more days to go before T-ara N4's debut, the girls are now busy perfecting their dance moves.

Of course a little break and play in between won't hurt so here are Areum, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin's photos from their practice room. Check them out below as the girls reveal their true feelings.

"Since our debut, we constantly have the task of changing our image. From animal costumes and gloves, to Christmas tree costumes and Indian costumes.. once again, please look forward to T-ara's bold and unique concept hehehe".

"Our dinner is cherry tomatoes and rice cakes~ All four of us made cute poses hehehe"

"Eating a late night snack to cheer us up. Today we work hard! Everyone, T-ara N4 will come soon. Coming soon~

"Earlier we took a proof shot during dance practice of us streching our bodies~ Are we flexible? Hohoho"

Hyomin: "Break time during choreography practice~ Aigoo it's difficult ㅜㅜ But I have to cheer up for the first stage hehe"

Plus their Bonus SelCa pictures:

Hyomin: "While recording some songs? Shh! It's a secret~ I'll let you know soon hehehe"

Jiyeon: "When was this taken? Transformed into Santa Girl Jiyeon~ Ulzzang angle hehe"

Eunjung: "In a good mood with a camera I received as a gift~ Happy right now hehehe"

Hyomin: "Today I'm wearing a pink sweater for the spring atmosphere scene~ I'm not really mad hehe"

Eunjung: "During recording. For the music video concept, I transformed with mushroom hair! kekeke"

Eunjung:"I'm here to film the music video~ But it's too cold so only a bit of my face is showing hehehe"

Areum: "Refreshing drink~ Soon spring will go away and it'll be summer hehehe"

Hyomin: "In the most comfortable position before recording kekeke With shrimp cakes in my arms kekeke"

Jiyeon: "Wondering how T-ara N4 turned into hip hop warriors? We'll make a public appearance soon hehe"

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