December 11, 2013

Yes, that's right! Christmas will be 11 days early for all the loving QUEEN's out there!

Core Contents Media has revealed that T-ara will be releasing a new song tiled 'Hide and Seek' on the midnight of December 14.  The song was originally scheduled to be released later this month but because of the interest and good response shown by fans to 'What Should I Do', the group has decided to release it earlier.

T-ara also expressed, "T-ara will appear with a different image for 'Hide and Seek'. The music video is totally different from 'Number Nine' and 'What Should I Do'".

'Hide and Seek' was composed by Baek Deoksang and Baek Hyunjung. The song is a medium-tempo ballad with an acoustic guitar with the lyrics comparing love to hide and seek.

Wearing their Santa outfits, the girls have also released their teaser picture for 'Hide and Seek'.  You can see it below.