Following her photos from her graduation, here is Areum with her Unnies!

Eunjung and Hyomin came to congratulate Areum on her graduation day and from it, here is their lovely group photo.

Areum with Speed's Sejun who also graduated today.

T-ara's Hyomin, Areum and Eunjung with SPEED.

It's a big day for T-ara's Areum!

Today, February 7th, is finally her graduation day from the Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School!

Together with Speed's Sejun, check out Areum's videos and photos below.



Congratulations to Areum
and to all the graduates as well!

Areum with Eunjung and Hyomin who came to support her

Areum's cute cut from Mnet WIDE

The video above was Areum's only cut but if you want to watch the other idols who graduated today, you can check out the clip below.

Following Eunjung and Hyomin's photos, here comes Boram's!

Check out her photo from their recording studio below.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be releasing their Japanese singles this March and you can Preorder them here.

On February 7th, it was revealed that T-ara's Hyomin will be starring in the upcoming Japanese movie titled 'JINX', making her the first female Korean singer to take a lead role in Japanese movie.

Hyomin will play the role of a Korean student and she will star in the movie along with Kurumi Shimizu and Yamazaki Kento. 'Jinx' will be about friendship and love; they will film from February to March and the movie will be released this Fall.

Meanwhile, Hyomin also commented, "Also Hyomin stated before, "It is the first time that a South Korean female singer has been cast as a lead role in a Japanese film. That is why I am very nervous but I want to receive a favorable evaluation regarding my acting. I am very happy that I will be able to work with Naoto Kumazwa. I liked his film ‘Hoping to Reach You".

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