From the February 13th Episode of MBC's 'Show Champion', here are T-ara Eunjung's behind-the-scene pictures.

Check out her photos with f(x)'s Amber.

T-ara's Hyomin, who will be starring in the upcoming Japanese movie titled 'JINX', is here to express her thoughts before she starts filming in Japan.

Through T-ara's me2day, you can read Hyomin's letter for the QUEEN's below.

"A hand letter that I’m writing to Queens ♥
Everyone, it’s been a while…. It's your Hyomin~
I'm on my way to the airport… the car is shaking a lot.. This is a hard level… I’m going to be in Fukuoka until mid March to film my movie from today..! The movie… I’m going to finish it in a cool manner!!
You have to be healthy while I’m not here.. Even if you miss me, bear it for a bit… Heh. Also! Please show us a lot of support for the Japanese "Bunny Style" promotions that will start on the 20th. I can’t participate in the promotions this time around, so the members have to do my part too… For those members, I have to work even~ harder… And I also have to buy them delicious food… Hehe kekeke
Anyway! Everyone, wait for just a little bit! We’re going to comeback after doing well ^^* And… This is a secret, but.. There's also going to be good news(?) when we come back~ hehehe… You’re curious, right? Hehehe. -> Gasp.. The car is shaking too much… Ah… T^T
I guess this is the limit. The car is almost like a massage chair… Everyone!! I’m going go to now… Even though it’s disappointing.. Until we see each other again… Be happy ^_^♥"

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