T-ara's Eunjung and her MC cuts from 'Show Champion'

Posted by nearnine February 20, 2013

It's time to watch T-ara's Eunjung on 'Show Champion'!

Recorded before T-ara left for Japan, check out Eunjung and Amber's cuts below.

After watching T-ara's few cuts from last week's 'Idol Star Athletics Championships', MBC has now finally aired an uncut version of the show and that only means we can now watch more of T-ara!

Here are the lovely archers of T-ara! Archer Eunjung Hyomin and Areum.  Forget about their scores. =p

Taken during their departure for Japan earlier, here are T-ara Soyeon's set of cute self-camera pictures!

Check them out below.

The girls of T-ara who will be releasing 'Bunny Style' as their new Japanese single this March, are now headed to Japan to start their promotions.

It's a lovely day with T-ara! Check out their photos from the airport.

*Hyomin is not here because she already went to Japan to film 'Jinx'

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