T-ara's Qri and her cute pair of photos from Japan

Posted by nearnine February 24, 2013

Taken in Japan yesterday, here are Qri's cute pair of photos.

Out enjoying the snow, check out Qri's pictures below as she stated, "I wear less everyday even though I have packed a lot of spring clothing hahaha".

T-ara's 'Bunny Style' showcase continues in Japan and this time they are out to perform at the Aeon Mall Kashiwa in Tsugaru, Aomori.

Check out T-ara's clip from the third day of their promotions below.


T-ara's 'Bunny Style' special showcase continues in Japan!

Held at the Central Court Aeon Mall in Morioka, check out the scenes from T-ara's second 'Bunny Style' showcase.

T-ara who left for Japan yesterday has now started their promotions for their upcoming Japanese single which will be released on March 20.

Check out T-ara's clip from their first 'Bunny Style' promotional showcase where we can hear a bit of the song.

It's T-ara's Soyeon with her beanie!

Check out her cute set of self-camera picture below.

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