T-ara releases 'Touch Touch T-ara' App for iOS!

Posted by nearnine February 27, 2013

The good news: T-ara has released an App for iOS called 'Touch Touch T-ara'; The bad news: Aside from the fact that it's only for iOS, it is also currently available for Japan and Korea only.

It's basically a dating game with T-ara, not in real life but just through the app.  It's a date simulation game where the players needs to acquire "love points" from the members in order to win prizes inside the game like videos and pictures.

Sounds fun, right? Hopefully they would release this internationally but for now, here are some preview pictures from the App.

It costs ¥1,400 for the Japanese version, you can buy and download the App here and it costs about $23 for the Korean version and you can buy and download that here.

It's time to spend our Wednesday night with T-ara's Eunjung!

Watch her cuts from this week's 'Show Champion' below.

It's the 6th Day of T-ara's 'Bunny Style' promotions in Japan and they are now in Tokyo!

From the Tower Records in Shibuya, check out T-ara's next clip below.

Through T-ara's showcase videos, we have already seen a glimpse Bunny Style's choreography, but that's without Hyomin who is currently busy filming her movie.

Today's a different story though because we can now see all the members dancing to the catchy tune of 'Bunny Style' and that would be through the next video which is from the set of their music video filming.

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