After travelling across Japan to promote 'Bunny Style', T-ara's long journey has now come to an end.

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, it was a successful run for the girls. Now out to wrap-up their promotions, here's T-ara's 19th and final video.

Without f(x)'s Amber who is out of the country for another schedule, here is T-ara's Eunjung!

Check out her cuts and pictures from Show Champion's March 13th episode.

Braving the cold weather just to take a photo for their fans, here's T-ara's Eunjung!

You can check out her adorable photo below but if you also want to know how cold it was, watch the video from the Day 4 of their promotions here.

But wait, there's more! Aside from Eunjung's cuteness, there's also a story behind this photo.  It was revealed that Eunjung was accidentally left behind at a Sendai rest stop after their schedule, all the members and staff assumed that everyone was already at the bus and they only found out after fifteen minutes.

Being cheerful as always, Eunjung revealed, "I spent the hour waiting for the car looking around and appreciating the piles of snow you rarely see back in Korea! Some of the locals recognized me and asked for pictures. I also requested a favor from them to take pictures of me next to the snow".

Taken back in Japan, here are the lovely girls of T-ara who have just finished their promotional tour for 'Bunny Style'.

Thankful for the thousandths of fans who came to watch and support them, check out T-ara's pair of group photos below.

Meanwhile, the group will head to Bangkok on the 14th for the 'Korean Music Wave in Bangkok'.

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