T-ara's Boram and her cute photo with a giraffe!

Posted by nearnine March 30, 2013

Taken during their stay in Vietnam, here is T-ara's cutie Boram!

Check out her photo with the giraffe from Vietnam's 'Alive Museum'.

T-ara has received a plaque of appreciation from the Korean Tourism Organization for their participation in KBS 'Let's Go Dream Team Season 2' in Hanoi, Vietnam and how they have in the past actively promoted '2013 Visit Korea Campaign' as performers.

Other idol groups also filmed for KBS's "Let's Go Dream Team" in Vietnam but T-ara was the only idol group who received an award.  Eunjung and Hyomin came to receive it while MC Lee Changmyung, Son Hoyoung and Park Jaemin were also there to praise their efforts.

Meanwhile, KBS "Let's Go Dream Team" episode from Hanoi, Vietnam will be broadcast on April 7.

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