While T-ara N4 is all set to debut in South Korea next week, it has now been revealed that T-ara's Boram, Qri and Soyeon are also preparing to debut as a sub-unit in Japan.

Through their open filming which was held on the 22nd, Jiyeon revealed, "The rest of the T-ara members Soyeon, Boram, and Qri are preparing another unit in Japan" she also added, "The current T-ara N4 members had a hip hop stage in July at the Japan Budokan concert. The concept of T-ara N4 began then and after the concert, we told each other that we'd go on stage again if we had a chance. We're practicing the T-ara N4 song, of course, but we're also working with the other Japanese unit on T-ara's new song as a full group".

Meanwhile, during their conference, Eunjung also stated, "In the past we showed off a pretty girl group image for songs such as 'Roly Poly' or 'Lovey Dovey' However, this time we are going to go for a different image. The name of our title single is 'Countryside Life' and through our performances or music video, I think we will be able to show off our comic sides".

Hyomin also shared, "For 'Countryside Life' we joined in on the discussions for the music video or costume concepts. We participated a lot in the music video especially. We gave some ideas where we ended up going too far sometimes. We showed off comic and bizarre sides of ourselves".

T-ara N4 will release their teaser MV on the 25th and the Full MV on the 29th.  If you missed the videos and pictures from their filming, you can view them here.

On April 22, the girls of T-ara N4 have invited the press inside their filming set.

Their 'Countryside Life' MV will be released on April 29 and though these next batch of pictures are enough to tease us, they will also release a teaser video for their MV on the 25th.

For the meantime, here are Jiyeon, Areum, Eunjung and Hyomin's videos and photos from their open filming.

With just a week to go before its release, it has now been revealed that T-ARA N4 has worked with Director Jo Soohyun who is the one behind PSY's 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman' Music videos.

The girls shot their 'Countryside Life' MV for over three nights and four days and we will see a glimpse of it on the 25th as they reveal the teaser followed by the full music video and song on the 29th of April.

The music video will feature the journey of girls who live in the countryside as they head into the City of Seoul and aside from that, there will also be several surprise guest appearances.

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