The girls of T-ara N4; Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Areum who recently made their debut as T-ara's first sub-unit recently expressed their thoughts about the competition among other girls groups as well as their preparations for their debut.

From their interview T-ara N4 revealed, "As T-ara’s first subunit, we prepared a lot. Maybe because we were really nervous, we have a lot of regrets concerning our debut stage. But since our debut single 'Countryside Life' features traditional music, we think a lot of adults listened to it and like it. We practice hard, so we hope that people of all ages can enjoy our music. We will become a T-ara N4 who works harder".

About their competition with 4Minute and Secret who have also made their comebacks, the group shared, "It feels good that we have the opportunity to promote with our sunbae groups 4minute and SECRET. Even back in 2009 when we made our debut, rather than competing with other groups, we worked together and focused on improving. We hope to win-win together, so that girl groups can be more of strong force in the entertainment industry".

T-ara N4's debut continues!

After enjoying their performances from M!Countdown and Music Bank, it's now time witness their 'Countryside Life' performance on Music Core.

T-ara N4 has brought 'Countryside Life' to the festival!

That's at the 'Incheon-China Cultural Tourism Festival' which was held on May 3rd to be exact, and here are their fancams from this concert event.

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