T-ara's Qri has just updated her twitter with another beautiful self-camera photo!

With the caption, "Eye Contact", take a look at her pretty picture below.

Aside from their performance on SBS' Inkigayo, here comes another pre-recorded performance of T-ara N4.

Check out their 'Countryside Life' performance from KBS' 'Open Concert'.

Previously recorded, here's another cool stage from T-ara N4!

Check out their 'Countryside Life' performance from Inkigayo's Special in Chungju.

As revealed yesterday, the girls of T-ara N4 are now headed to Los Angeles to meet Chris Brown.

That's courtesy of Dani who has been revealed to have known Chris since her elementary days, she showed him T-ara N4's 'Countryside Life' MV during their recent meeting after a concert and that's when Chris Brown expressed his interest to collaborate with the group.  T-ara N4 will then meet him to discuss music-related topics.

Check out T-ara N4's pictures from their departure.

Here's more of T-ara N4 from the recently held '2013 Dream Concert'!

Check out their fancams below.

Following their first clip yesterday, Daily T-ara In Seoul is now back to showcase more of T-ara N4's activities in Korea.

Check out their 2nd clip which brings us inside their waiting room at 'Music Core' plus a glimpse at the Seoul Stadium World Cup Stadium where the '2013 Dream Concert' was held.

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