T-ara Hyomin says Good Night!

Posted by nearnine May 15, 2013

After a long day, T-ara's Hyomin is now here to greet their fans a good night.

Check out her photo from the studio where she shared, "Worked until the late of dawn.. thank you 1500 or NOTHIN. good night~~".

Additionally, here are more of T-ara N4's photos from the studio.

It was revealed earlier that T-ara N4 has received a love call from '1500 or Nothin'.

Aside from T-ara N4's performance, here's more for Eunjung's fans!

Check out her MC cuts from this week's Show Champion.

It's another 'Countryside Life' performance from T-ara N4!

Recorded before they left for the U.S., here's their stage from this week's 'Show Champion'.

Following their love call from Chris Brown, which started T-ara N4's activites in L.A., it has now been revealed that sub-unit has also received love calls from the team of producers named '1500 or NOTHIN', the group of producers who have produced numerous hits for artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and more.  Aside from that, T-ara N4 has also received numerous love calls from other American artists, and that includes the hip-hop star Ray J.

Core Contents Media stated, "The team of producers known as 1500 or NOTHIN proposed to meet with T-ara N4 after hearing their music. They will meet on the 15th at 3:00 PM local time (LA) and visit their studio".  In addition to that, T-ara N4 also graced the invitation from Sony Studios and went to their headquarters, their footage from their visit will be revealed on YouTube.

CCM also added, "During their stay in America, T-ara are meeting and receiving a variety of love calls from American music officials. When they arrive back, it will all be discussed through a press conference on May 20th".

It's D-Day for T-ara N4's meet and greet in L.A. at the Vlado Footwear store!

Many fans came out to see them, and here are T-ara N4's clip and photos from this event.  In addition to that, T-ara N4 also hinted about an American single with Chris Brown.

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