Taking during their stay in L.A., here are some more of T-ara N4's photos for everyone to see.


T-ara N4's promotions for 'Countryside Life' continues!

Check out their awesome stage from this week's 'Inkigayo'.

Dani is back with some cute photos together with her Unnies!

Taken during their stay in L.A., check out her adorable photos with Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum.



"Hacked by areum unnie~~^^"

T-ara's Dani is here to share some of her photos with her friends!

Check out her photos below where she wrote, "With mars sleepy day........".

It's T-ara's Hyomin who is back with another adorable update!

Taken after their "Dry rehearsal", check out her cute photo below where she also revealed her colorful nails.

Hyomin also shared, "self body painting", which we all saw from their Inkigayo stage today.

After winning against Emblem3 with 80.7% of the total votes, T-ara N4 is now up against the J-Pop group named 'Perfume'!

It's 'Countryside Life' versus 'Magic of Love'!  As of now T-ara N4 has 50% of the votes, but we add to that if we all cast our votes now.  Check out the link below.

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