It's a Sunny Day with Dani!

Posted by nearnine May 20, 2013

Back with her collage of photos is T-ara's Dani!

Check out her photos below where she shared, "Sunny day hammock day~~~~^^".

The girls of T-ara N4 held their Press Conference on the 20th of May to share their upcoming plans following their recent visit in Los Angeles. 

During the Press Conference, Eunjung expressed "Although we received an invitation from Chris Brown, we still wondered whether we would really meet him. We were very excited. He was very welcoming and treated us well, we are thankful for that. We also discussed music and production plans. There were many good things that we had never imagined" she also added, "We had a successful meeting through a good opportunity and was able to discuss our plans to enter the US market. After meeting with Chris Brown, we also met with a lot of good opportunities. We are very lucky. We feel a lot of pressure on our shoulders and will work even harder in the future. About our trip to the US, the members asked us when we will return to Korea and said we still haven't watched Iron Man 3 together".

Meanwhile, the Director of CCM’s overseas marketing team, Lee Jintaek said of the good results from T-ara N4's US trip, "T-ara N4 received a lot of attention and love in the US. In particular, they met with Chris Brown and many other producers and received a good appraisal from them".

He also revealed that currently, T-ara N4 has signed with Empire Records for the release of Jeonwon Diary in the US. "The remake of ‘Jeonwon Diary' will be released in 5 versions. It will include rapping from Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Ray J and Chris Brown". The song is scheduled to be released in June, "We will sing our parts in Korean, and the rap parts by the US artists will be in English".

Jiyeon also revealed, "We will be leaving for the US on the 25th to perform the opening stage for Chris Brown's solo concert in Las Vegas". "We are very nervous but we want to show our good side in our first performance in the US". The members also said that they are planning to attend the BET Awards (Black Entertainment Television Awards) on June 30th.

The members also added, "To be honest, before our debut, we felt that we would already be lucky if we could gain popularity domestically". "Because of the popularity of K-pop, we naturally started our Japan activities. Our US activities this time also happened like this. [The US activities] started really suddenly. T-ara trainee Dani attended Chris Brown's concert, and through that, he was introduced to T-ara. He became interested after the first time he watched our MV and so suggested us to enter the US market. It was really a very overwhelming situation".

"All of the opportunities came naturally. Our Japan and US activities did not really begin because of work. To be honest, we just caught [the K-Pop wave]. We have to prepare adequately regarding language and US culture. This time, we only communicated using simple English", expressing their regret.

The reporters asked whether this focus on the overseas activities was to avoid the negative response from the public after the Hwayoung controversy last year. About this, the members said, "We felt that an opportunity like this is rare and many parts actually happened spontaneously and without plan". "We are going to the US between our 'Jeonwon Diary' promotions and our other schedules will still proceed according to plan. Other than T-ara N4, the rest of the members will also be continuing their Japan sub-unit activities. We will also attend next week's Music Bank, and we plan to release a T-ARA album later as well".

Eunjung also added that although T-ara was swept up in a lot of controversy last year, "We think that what we will demonstrate and show to everyone in the future is the most important. Whether on stage or somewhere else, we will demonstrate our genuine, honest, prudent and good appearance, so please anticipate our future activities and give us a lot of support".

Check out their clips and photos from the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

Following her photos with Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon; Dani is now back with more of her adorable updates!

Check them out below.

 "I♥u lil sis........when we were lil^^"

"Anyone want coffee???~^^"

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