It's time for more T-ara N4!

Taken during this week's Show Champion, here are their hot photos from their 'Countryside Life' performance.

It's another eventful day specially for Eunjung's fans!

Aside from T-ara N4's performance, here's more of her; check out Eunjung's MC cuts from this week's Show Champion

T-ara N4's Hyomin, Areum, Jiyeon and Eunjung are back to bring us to the 'Countryside Life'!

Prepare to enjoy another awesome performance from these girls.

More of T-ara N4's adorable pictures from their recent guesting on MBC's ShimShimTapa have arrived!

Check out Areum, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon's photos below.

Contrary to what has been reported before, T-ara N4 will not open for Chris Brown's concert in Los Angeles but they will have a joint performance instead.

T-ara N4 will present a new arrangement and version of 'Countryside Life' and they will work with the choreographer named Flii Stylz for an updated choreography.  Flii Stylz and his team has worked with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Usher and more and are known as an exclusive team. 

The group plans to change up their clothing and hairstyles for a new look in America and they also expressed, "It doesn't feel like reality yet, that we will debut 'Countryside Life' in the USA. We are trembling for it".

T-ara N4 will depart for Los Angeles on the 23rd to prepare for their special appearance on Wiz Khalifa's concert on the 24th and for Chris Brown's concert on the 26th.

Aside from that, they will also attend the BET Awards on June 30th with Chris Brown.

While waiting for its official release on June 26th, fans can now listen to Qri, Boram and Soyeon's upcoming Japanese single, that's because it has been already played through the radio.

Check out QBS' 'Like a Wind' below.

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