Another 'Countryside Life' performance from T-ara N4 has arrived!

Recorded before they left for Los Angeles earlier, check out their hot stage below.

The girls of T-ara N4 are now headed to Los Angeles to prepare for their upcoming schedules which includes their concert performances with Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown on the 24th and 26th respectively, as well as for the BET Awards on the 30th.

Check out Areum, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon's lovely pictures and video clip below.

Reminiscing their meet and greet which was held last week, here is Dani's photo which she captioned, "This day~~^^".

Following that, Dani also shared a photo of her friends and expressed, "♥u guys!!!~^^ besties foreva~~~~ thx for the pic doughy".

Dani also shared, "Stick to this~^^".

And, "Shining light~~ come to me!".

It's a beautiful day with T-ara's Qri!

Along with the caption 'Like a Wind~', which is QBS' upcoming single in Japan, check out her lovely self-camera pictures below~

T-ara will be busy promoting in separate units.  QBS will head to Japan on the May 27th to meet with fans at Tower Records and promote their upcoming single titled 'Like a Wind' which will be released on June 26th, they will also film a music video for it soon.  Meanwhile, T-ara N4 will be heading to Los Angeles on May 23rd for their schedules.

In July, the sub-units will unite again and T-ara will release their second Japanese album.  After that they, will head back to Korea.

SBS' 'Midnight TV Entertainment' is here to take us back to to T-ara N4's recent press conference.

Check out their cuts below where they talked about how Chris Brown found out about them and their upcoming collaboration projects in the U.S..

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