T-ara's Boram will appear in a family reality program with her Sister Ram and Jeon Young Rok, their Father who is also a singer.

As revealed by Jeon Young Rok's agency, "Currently, the relationship between Jun Young Rok and his first daughter Boram is [awkward]. Using his second daughter Ram as a stepping stone, we plan to film the estranged father and daughter getting closer".

Titled 'Wooram's Family Camp', the show will have five episodes and its first episode will be aired next month.  Meanwhile, the three are still in the middle of their filming.

The girls of T-ara N4 were scheduled to head back to South Korea today but due to some circumstances, only Jiyeon will be able to return as scheduled with other staffs.

That's because according to the company, one staff member lost her luggage that's why only Jiyeon and other seven staff members were able to ride the plane on schedule, while the others missed their flight.  (Presumably, the passports or documents of the other members may have been on that luggage)

Core Contents Media stated, "Jiyeon and seven staff members will arrive in Korea first on the 28th at 5:50 PM KST at the Incheon International Airport. Eunjung, Hyomin, and Ahreum, as well as two staff members will return to Korea through the Incheon International Airport on the 29th at 5:10 AM KST".

Jiyeon has already arrived, and here are the pictures from her arrival.

Following the release of their 'Countryside Life' music videos last week, T-ara N4 has now revealed the making film for their Drama version MV!

Check out their cute and entertaining clip below~

Looking tired but still beautiful, here is T-ara's Hyomin.

With the caption, "mind-blown", check out Hyomin's photo from Las Vegas.

With the release of their first Japanese single ahead of them, T-ara's second sub-unit named QBS which is composed by Qri, Boram and Soyeon are now in Japan for their promotions.

The three departed for Japan on the 27th, and here are their photos from the airport.

More of T-ara Hyomin's gorgeous photos from InStyle magazine has arrived!

Check out her official photos and snapshots below.

Update: Official photos

"Instyle 6"

Held last May 26th at the Palms Pool in Las Vegas, here's a recording from T-ara N4's performance.

Giving it their all, check out their fancams below.

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