Check out T-ara Qri's pretty SelCa picture

Posted by nearnine June 1, 2013

Here comes pretty Qri who is currently busy with T-ara QBS' schedules in Japan.

Check out her photo below where she also wrote, "Took a SelCa before ramen overcooked! ^^".

As today was T-ara N4's goodbye stage on Music Core, T-ara's Hyomin decided to share thoughts on Twitter.

Hyomin expressed, "Today is the last [Music Show broadcast] of 'Countryside Life'... Each stage was precious, and though I was cautious and afraid, now that I've experienced it, I came to understand the importance and desperateness for work that I didn't know before. Because of that... I'll try harder with a more sincere mindset. I want to honestly thank all those of you who listened to and supported our song. And to our SPEED dongsengs, choreography team, and all the staff members who I'm grateful for, you all worked really hard".

This was Hyomin's first tweet after almost a year, and fans are definitely happy to hear from her again.

Nico Nico is back doing what they do best!

That's bringing more of T-ara to their fans, and with that said, here's the Day 1 from T-ara QBS' schedule in Japan.  Check out the next clip with Qri, Boram and Soyeon.

It's time to dance with T-ara N4 once again!

From this week's Music Core, here's another 'Countryside Life' performance from the girls~

No need to wait any longer for T-ara N4's performance from the 2013 Dream Concert!

It has been finally aired by KBS, and here it is, T-ara N4's 'Countryside Life' performance.

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