January 2, 2014

The year end festivals are over, and with that, it's now time for our idols to take a quick break.
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What's keeping T-ara's Hyomin busy?  Well, it seems that she has started watching Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun's drama as she shared "The drama ##YouWhoCameFromTheStars…is painful, even at the funny scenes my heart aches for some reason. What to do~ I think I'll fall for it in a while…~".

For those who aren't watching it...

This drama's female lead character named SongYi is a famous actress who always gets criticized by netizens.  From the recent episode, another actress named YooRa, which is somehow her rival, went missing while they were at a cruise party and was found dead the next day.  It was still unclear if it was a suicide or homicide but then the netizens already jumped into conclusion that SongYi is the reason why YooRa committed suicide due to depression, because prior to that, a video clip of SongYi and YooRa was spread through the internet where SongYi was seen like she was shouting and looking down on her senior YooRa.

The said video was just a cut from their argument though, and it was the other way around if the netizens could only just watch the whole video.  Still, the netizens wanted to believe what they want and everyone thought SongYi was the reason why YooRa commited suicide. (Aigoo! This is a familiar situation.)

Note: Don't be mistaken though, this drama is a Romantic/Comedy/Sci-Fi.

What I liked from the episode was that there was a line where one of the reporters said, "People don't want to know the facts. They just need someone to blame.". That was right on the spot!

T-ara has gone through so much pain.  Let's pray that 2014 will be a year full of happiness and healing for our beloved girls.

Aside from that, Hyomin also expressed "In the new year, just not more nor less than now… no, actually I wish for everyone around me including myself to be just a little bit happier than now ..! I hope the day gets a bit warmer for everyone. Happy new year^^".
This post was first posted on www.t-araworld.net

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