May 10, 2015

T-ara's HyoMin and BoRam are out to show their support for Elsie!

Check out their pictures from Inkigayo's waiting room.

"HyoMin: Came to Inkigayo, I'm sleepy Elsie unnie. Anyway, I support our Elsie unnie, not Elsa. (To be honest, just 'Eunjung' sounds better) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #ILoveYouHahmEunjung #Elsie"

"BoRam: Baekgu Elsie will get on live broadcast soonHwaiting!!!!!"

"Eunjung: let it go let's go #InkigayoLiveBroadcastStart"

Eunjung with make-up artist

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