January 28, 2016

QoQ? It stands for Queen of Queens, and since T-ara's fans are also called Queen's, it can also be Queen of Queen's!

What is this about? This special post will decide who is the Queen of Queens among the members of T-ara. We'll be posting a new topic every Monday and the winner of the poll will be revealed every Sunday.

This should be fun, and just for fun, so shall we start? For this week, we'll see who's the the best T-ara member when it comes to acting. The search for T-ara's Drama Queen is on!

You can vote as many times as you want but you can only vote once every hour. Happy voting.

EDIT: Voting is over.  You can view the results here.

Who is the Drama Queen of T-ara?

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NOTE: We have set the voting limit to one per hour.

Meanwhile, it was Qri who was awarded the 'Queen of SelCa' from last week's poll.