After stunning everyone with her hot photos, fans can now know more about Jiyeon's thoughts about this pictorial, her upcoming solo release, and more!

Have a good read and check out Jiyeon's interview from Arena Homme below.

Reporter: I took a look at some of your posters before this photo-shoot. Most of them show a look of a teenage-girl smiling.
Jiyeon: This is my first time showing some skin in a photo-shoot. I like this concept of dreamy. It feels like something that I want to do before. I like it.

Arena Homme: A lot of girls have used the image of sexy on TV. Following this concept may just make you appear normal.
Jiyeon: Sexy can be achieved even without showing off skin. But most guys only feel that it is sexy when they see some skin. Isn’t it?

Arena Homme: Girls say that it is possible to be sexy without exposing skin. But precisely what does that mean?
Jiyeon: Yes, Kahi unnie only showed her abs in her previous solo album. She used a concept of gender-neutrality. Abs are sexy and cool. Girls feel that such looks are very cool and sexy. I am the kind who has more females fans. Should I say I’m like a guy? I think that since I have an outgoing side to me girls like it more.

With just more than a week to go before the release of Jiyeon's '1 Min 1 Sec', here's something for her fans who are eagerly waiting for it.

T-ara's Jiyeon will be in Arena Homme magazine's May Issue, and you can check out her gorgeous and sexy photos below.

T-ara's Jiyeon is back to tease fans for her upcoming solo single release!

UPDATE: With the Ferry tragedy in Korea, the release of Jiyeon's single will be postponed indefinitely.  Reports says it will be moved for a June release but Core Contents Media is still to make an official announcement.

Jiyeon's mini-album will include three tracks and they are as follows:
  1. '1MIN 1SEC' – Medium-tempo song with the rain sounds and lyrical melody and lyrics. With lyrics that express her feelings that she can never give up on towards her beloved man, she’s come to express her desperate feelings of not being able to live without him even if for 1min 1sec, as the song is titled.
  2. 'Yeuido Cherry Blossom' – A warm and bright song that suits for a spring with a warm weather. With cute lyrics and a melody that’s relaxing to listen to, you may look forward to the vocals that are different from the mood of the title track.
  3. 'Puppet' – It might have tempo to it but it’s also chic with sad lyrics and a minor melody.
The song and music video will be released on April, and while waiting for that, you can check out Jiyeon's teaser photos below.

Throwback Thursday with T-ARA! v15

Posted by nearnine April 17, 2014

It's been four years and still counting!  T-ara is definitely here to stay but wouldn't it be nice if we would look back and reminisce their humble beginnings every once in a while?

Our 'Throwback Thursday with T-ARA' will be the answer to that, and here, we will post T-ara's clips, pictures, and anything worth looking back from their past years.  

We're back with our 15th edition, and this time we'll look back and watch T-ara's 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' performance on Music Core.

Look who's enjoying her visit a dog cafe named 'PerPet'!

It's no other than T-ara's Jiyeon, and you can check out her picture and videos below.

After hearing the good news about Eunjung's upcoming movie 'The Boss Begins' earlier, she is now back to delight fans with her beautiful photos!

Seems like she's preparing for a shoot, and while waiting for that, you can check out her next pictures first.


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