See more of T-ara's pictures for 'Celucasn'

Posted by nearnine July 6, 2015

It's time for T-ara and their promotional pictures for the Chinese clothing brand named 'Celucasn' (潮流前线).

Along with their lovely and adorable pictures, you can also check out the behind-the-scene clip from their pictorial below.


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Here's T-ara's SoYeon showing her support for her friends from the Wake Board team.

Check out their pictures below where she shared, "Our kids who were the best at this time's match as well. The present days that hold many lessons for me and for the kids. I pray that each of you shines even more at the the world stage. #WindyCrew #WakeBord #KoreaTeam #CTRL".

T-ara's JiYeon and Lee Donggun are dating!

Posted by nearnine July 4, 2015

Turns out T-ara's JiYeon and Lee Donggun's 'Encounter' during their movie filming has turned into a romantic relationship!

On July 4, it has been reported that the two are currently dating after the next pictures have been revealed online.

Their invincible bond lives on!

T-ara's HyoMin has reunited with Sunny, Hara, Sunhwa and other cast/staff of 'Invincible Youth'.  Check out the precious pictures from their reunion below.

"#InvincibleYouth #G7 even when I'm seeing them for the first time in so long, 
it feels like we saw each other just yesterday"


Revealing her newly dyed hair, T-ara's SoYeon is back with her latest SelCas!

Still looking adorable as always, you can check out her next pictures.

"#BLACK #blacksoyeon"

T-ara HyoMin greets fans with her glasses on

Posted by nearnine July 2, 2015

T-ara's HyoMin with glasses? We're up with another one.

Check out her adorable picture below.

It's been five years and still counting!  T-ara is definitely here to stay but wouldn't it be nice if we would look back and reminisce their humble beginnings every once in a while?

Our 'Throwback Thursday with T-ARA' will be the answer to that, and here, we will post T-ara's clips, pictures, and anything worth looking back from their past years.  

We're back with our 75th edition, and this time we'll go back and watch SMASH's MV for 'Never Ending Story' which featured T-ara's JiYeon during her pre-debut days. 

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