T-ara is now on their way back to Korea after attending the 2014 Korean Music Wave in Beijing!

While waiting for their departure, the pretty seatmates, Jiyeon and Qri are here to greet fans with their irresitible GIF picture.

This is beyond cute so better not miss it.

On October 25th, T-ara has met their Chinese fans through the 2014 Korean Music Wave in Beijing.

Check out T-ara's fancams and video from the said concert event below.

Time to get to know more about T-ara's HyoMin as she reminisce her college days at  Sungkyunkwan University.

Check out her interview from SKKU below.

All-Rounded Entertainer, Her.

Korea’s representative girl group, T-ARA, who had left so many hit songs like “I Go Crazy Because Of You”, Bo Peep Bo Peep”, and “Roly Poly”. Amongst those girls who have it all from looks to talents, there is a member who studies in SKK University, that is Hyomin!

She, who is said to have had unique talents in art since she was young! Under the influence of having both of her parents majored in art, she has grown so interested in art, she says she has dreamt of enrolling in an art high school.

However, she was torn having had realized she lacks the art skills to enroll in an art high school. Therefore, she has found her new path that is ‘acting’! After she knew that the art high school she was applied in has a theatre department, she persuaded her parents and registered in an acting academy. She said that although her family were greatly worried about her new challenge at first, they came to acknowledge her passion shortly after.

T-ara's EunJung, HyoMin and SoYeon have appeared as guests in the latest episode of jTBC's 'Hidden Singer', and during the show, Soyeon also had the chance to showcase her lovely voice.

Watch their cuts from the 'Hidden Singer' below.

Cute, pretty, and funny? You'll see all of of those in Hyomin's latest update.

Check out her adorable video and pictures below.


"Beijing concert today. morning. I woke up from the noise next door.. 
anyway! see you soon I miss you~~"

t-ara SINA

Here are the lovely girls of T-ara for the Chinese online media company named SINA!

Check out their gorgeous pictures and interview below.

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