A delightful morning with T-ara's BoRam!

Posted by nearnine November 23, 2014

Here's T-ara's BoRam greeting us with adorable SelCa pictures.

Along with that she also shared, "I can’t even fall asleep. I picked up my friend Syeongi and went on a midnight walk, on the way we decided to start talking about Syeongi’s worriesㅋ She asked “This happened yesterday but_I told a boy whom I’ve been close with since before that I have a drinking party today so, worrying that I might not come back home, he told me to send him a proof shot of what I was wearing today, that’s considered a green light, right?" How cute was the question Syeongi asked in detailsㅋ It was cold but that felt sweet aing.^__^".


T-ara's EunJung is now back in South Korea after attending the event in Brunei.

Here are the pictures from her arrival.

Here's another adorable picture of T-ara's HyoMin which was taken at the set of their 'Little Apple' MV filming.

Check out her cute picture below.

Aside from her picture, Hyomin also shared...

t-ara qri hyomin

T-ara's Qri and Hyomin are here to greet fans with their adorable pictures!

Check out their photos below as Qri shared, "Transformation!!! It's Kyul and Hyom ..pl..pl..please watch us kindly ♡ #Qri#Hyomin#T-ara#LittleApple".

t-ara qri hyomin

T-ara's Christmas present for their fans will be out soon but while we are waiting for the exact release date, the girls are here to tease us with the group photo from their pictorial.

Check it out below, and stay tuned as we'll update when it's already up for sale.

It also said that this will only be available through their official application, but we'll also post when it goes available on other store.

As announced yesterday, T-ara's Korean remake of 'Little Apple' will be released on November 24.

With that, they have now started releasing teasers as you can see in the next clip.

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