Do you think you can handle JiYeon and Qri's cuteness?

If you are confident, don't blame us if you faint after watching their super adorable clip below. ^_~

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As reported last week, T-ara is now on their way to Malaysia to attend the DYMM Sultan Johor Coronation Carnival 2015.

The girls will perform at the said event in celebration of the newly enthroned named Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.  Additionally, it has been revealed that T-ara is set to perform 10 songs for the event.

The carnival started last March 26 and will last till March 29. Aside from T-ara who will be performing on March 29, girl group SISTAR has also performed at the carnival last Thursday.

Going back, here are T-ara's pictures from the airport.

Aside from T-ara, looks like actress Lee Jinjoo is also coming with them to Malaysia.

With that, here are her pictures together with HyoMin.

T-ara's JiYeon continues to charm fans with her cuteness!

Following her adorable promotional video for 'The Show' earlier, she is now back with another cute clip.  Check it out below.

"With my King"
Wang = King in Korea

T-ara's JiYeon has taken her cuteness to the next level!

Check out her super adorable promotional video for 'The Show' below.

T-ara's HyoMin and her lovely SelCa pictures

Posted by nearnine March 27, 2015

Looking lovely as always, T-ara's HyoMin is back with a new pair of selfies.

Prepare to fall for her again as you check out her gorgeous pictures below.

"CF filming.. #IWasWonderingWillILookGirly#IfIHoldAFlowerLikeThis#celucasn"

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