T-ara's Qri is out to have fun with her friends

Posted by nearnine October 5, 2015

Hanging out with her friends, here's T-ara's Qri with actress Han Boreum and their male friend.

Check out their cute pictures below.

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T-ara members have sent their birthday for our birthday girl, Park SoYeon!

Starting with HyoMin who wrote, "Here, this is your birthday gift I love you ".

After that EunJung also expressed, "Soyeon unnie's birthday cake that Hyomin drew!! (totally awesome) Soyeon unnie who had her birthday at the airport you worked hard ♥ let's be happy ♥ #soyeonday".

T-ara has finally started releasing their web drama titled 'Sweet Temptation'!

After seeing the first episode which was SoYeon's 'Fantasy Girlfriend', here comes the second episode, Qri's 'Black Holiday'.  Enjoy her episode below.

T-ara Sweet Tempation SoYeon Episode 1 Fantasy Girlfriend

Here's a sweet treat from our birthday girl. T-ara SoYeon's episode from T-ara's web drama 'Sweet Tempation' has been finally released!

Witness her great acting skills as you watch her episode titled 'Fantasy Girlfriend' below.

Check out the cute OOTD of T-ara's Qri

Posted by nearnine October 4, 2015

Here's T-ara's Qri showing her OOTD or Outfit of the Day.

Check out her cute picture below.

"pink pink"

T-ara JiYeon's lovely selfie is here to charm fans!

Check out her latest post below.

One reason T-ara is currently in China is for their pictorial, and that being said, here are the members with their acquaintances or people they work with while they are there.

Check out their lovely pictures below.

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