Good day from T-ara's pretty Qri!

Posted by nearnine August 30, 2015

Still out enjoying her holiday, here's another pair of pretty pictures from T-ara's Qri!

Check them out below.


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Check out the stunning selfie of T-ara's Qri

Posted by nearnine August 29, 2015

Definitely beyond cute and pretty, here's the stunning selfie of T-ara's Qri!

Check out her latest picture below.


After that, you can also see Qri's photo with her friend.

It's another fun and crazy day with T-ara!

Below is their 'So Crazy' stage from this week's 'Simply K-Pop'.

Here's T-ara's BoRam spending time with her friend and her cute daughter.

Check out their cute pictures where BoRam shared, "Acting pretty with Sinja unnie whom I like very very much_ Cutie Yura.  The day before unnie goes back to Japan, we had dinner together and shared so many stories with each other, so it was a very nice and blessed day.  At the end before I went home, Unnie's father personally came to see me and even gifted me with the Japanese snack that I like. (Father-!! See you in Nagoya)."

T-ara's HyoMin is back to meet fans through her adorable selfies!

Check out her cute pictures below.

"acting boyish.. #freiknock"

Here's a pleasant surprise for Min Chaewon's fans!

'I Love You from Today' was originally scheduled for 100 episodes but they have added another one.

With that, here are EunJung's cuts from the drama's 101st and final episode.

It's our lucky day because we are up for T-ara HyoMin's gorgeous set of pictures!

See her wearing her apparels from 'Lucky Chouette'

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