Blue is the color of the day for T-ara's cutie SoYeon!

Posted by nearnine September 19, 2014

Blue is the color of the day for Soyeon? You'll see why when you look into her beautiful eyes!

Check out her cute SelCa below.

Despite her busy schedule, T-ara's Eunjung will always make time for her family and friends!

Eunjung has visited her friend who owns a boutique and here are their beautiful photos where friend revealed, "Saying their album’s been released, she came to write me a letter on the album..Eunjung-ah you’re the prettiest~#Couronnne #SeokJungHye #T-ara #Eunjung".

Following that she also added, "You must be busy…but take care of your body~Cutie Eunjung~ #Couronnne #CouronnneCheongdam #C-Quatre #T-ara #HamEunjung #T-ara #TARA #couronnista".

M!Countdown has now opened their online voting for the international fans, and with T-ara's comeback, it's now our turn to show our support by voting for their latest track titled 'Sugar Free'.

You can register through email or you can also use your Twitter or Facebook account.

After registering you can only vote once a day and you can only vote every Friday 11AM KST to Monday 9AM KST. (So if you will use your Email, Twitter and Facebook, you can vote three times a day)

For more details please check the picture below..

Note: After logging in search for T-ara, put a mark on the option button, scroll down and click "VOTING".

T-ara's 'Sugar Free' is #44 on the list.

Here are T-ara's Soyeon and Qri who posed for a cool and pretty picture!

Along with Soyeon also thanked fans by saying, "Mwave" k-pop star world champion!!! Thanks very much ♥♥♥♥ #sugarfree", referring to Mwave's poll back in July during the 2014 World Cup.

Soyeon also added, "SsoQri I'm so happy everyday thanks to your great support and votes".

If it was a stunning performance, of course we'll get stunning pictures as well.  Check them out below.

Thursday is here, and that's our signal that another fun weekend is upon us!

To add to that, T-ara has ranked 3rd in this week's MCD.  Would have been great if T-ara won this week because they truly deserve it and they had the chance as they were among the four contenders running for the first place but still, taking the 3rd place is a great achievement and it's a sign that the girls are on back to where they belong.

Time to celebrate!  Enjoy T-ara's 'Sugar Free' performance below.

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