How long do we have wait for T-ara's comeback?  Now we can say that it's gonna be in 3 weeks!

T-ara's comeback has now been confirmed to be on July 3 and they are coming back as an 8th member group with Lee Areum(The 9th member will join them in December, for those who missed it)

T-ara will release "Day by Day" on July 3rd to be followed by the full album named "Mirage" on August 15th and "T-ara's Effect" on October 15th.

Another thing to note is that T-ara will release a 20-minute music video drama starring themselves based in the year 2330 with the backdrop of a extravagant SF (science-fiction) futuristic city. The music video's plot will tell a sorrowful story.  The music video will also include T-ara's eighth member, Areum, as well T-ara's ninth member, Dani.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be kicking off their Concert Tour in Japan on the 19th of June, followed by their first fan meeting on July 14th and their First Concert in Seoul on August 11th.

written by nearine@t-araworld
Nate, trans by nathaniel@diadem