It has been a stressful day ever since the news broke out that Hwayoung has been removed and will no longer be a member of T-ara, and for those who missed it here's a quick recap for everyone.

This issue started when netizens noticed and criticized T-ara members tweets which they deemed to be intended to attack Hwayoung, it became big which lead CCM to release a statement saying that they will make a Big Announcement on July 30.

The Big Day everyone was hoping to be a good day has arrived and it was spoiled when CCM's Kim Kwangsoo announced that Hwayoung's contract has been terminated and she is no longer a member of T-ara.

Despite all the controversies and misunderstandings, CCM still announced that T-ara will continue their schedule and release 'Sexy Love' on August 15th, but they will temporarily stop their activities for the meantime.

Within the day of the announcement that shocked everyone, it has resulted to more conflicts and you can see the impact of CCM's decision to remove Hwayoung from T-ara here.

T-ara needs us now more than ever!
Keep believing and let's pray for all the girls.