On September 26th, it was revealed that T-ara's Soyeon has been dating Click B's Oh Jonghyuk for about three years now.  The two started dating back in 2010 but Oh Jonghyuk enlisted in the military in April of 2011.

They have now overcome Jonghyuk's enlistment and it was also revealed that the two recently celebrated their 1000th Day Anniversary last September 23rd together with Sechs Kies' Jang Soowon at a cafe.

You can check out their sweet moments below.

Soyeon first confessed she was a big fan of Click B when she and Oh Jonghyuk appeared together on the November 2010 episode of KBS "Star Golden Bell". At the end of the show, Jonghyuk said, "These days not as many idols know me, but I'm very happy there is one who does."

The two also appeared on "Bouquet" after that in December. On December 28th, 2010, the two began their relationship together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Oh Jonghyuk debuted under DSP Media in 1999 as a member of Click B and was active until 2003. He was the most popular member because of his handsome looks and his excellent singing skills. After that, he promoted as a soloist under the stage name OJ. In March, he renewed a contract with DSP Media which gathered attention.

DSP Media said, "Soyeon and Oh Jonghyuk have been meeting with each other for a while now. He fell in love with her cute charms and her beautiful eyes." Soyeon's agency Core Contents Media said, "Yes, they are dating. Their parents and family know and support them. They are careful in their relationship and ask for support."

We're happy for you SoYeon! 
Congratulations on your 1000th Day Anniversary!

Meanwhile, T-ara has also released their teaser video for 'No. 9' today. [Link]